NO PANIC in NORTH KOREA Ahead of POTENTIAL Missile Launch: Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “NO panic in NKorea despite talk of missile test” (Web-site/URL:

“As the world braced for a PROVOCATIVE missile launch by North Korea, with newscasts worldwide PLAYING UP tensions on the Korean Peninsula, the center of the storm was STRANGELY (?) calm“. IS THIS so “strange?”

“The focus in Pyongyang was less on preparing for war and more on beautifying the city ahead of the nation’s biggest holiday: the April 15 birthday of the nation’s founder, Kim Il Sung. Soldiers PUT DOWN THEIR RIFES to blanket the barren ground with sod and students picked up shovels to help plant trees“. Translation: “Soldiers put down their rifles to blanket” Pyongyang with other kinds of PROPAGANDA.

“But an impoverished, TIGHTLY CONTROLLED nation that has historically used major holidays to draw the world’s attention by showing off its military power could well mark the occasion by testing a missile designed to strike U.S. military installations in Japan and Guam. South Korea’s foreign minister said the prospect of a medium-range missile launch is “CONSIDERABLY highand that’ obviously a HUGE concern.

“The European Union (EU) said there was no need for member states to evacuate or relocate their diplomatic missions, but called on North Korea to “REFRAIN FROM further provocative declarations or action“. Of course, we know North Korea WON’T d that.

“On the streets of Pyongyang, THERE WAS NO SENSE OFPANICAS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL:

“At the base of Mansu Hill, a group of young people held a small rally to pledge their loyalty to Kim Jong Un and to sing the Kim ode “We Will DEFEND  the Marshal (Kim Jon-Un) WITH OUR LIVESagain AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL:

“Kim Un Chol, the 40-year-old head of a political unit at Pyongyang’s tobacco factory, said he had been discharged from the military, but was willing to re-enlist if war breaks out. He said North Koreans were RESOLUTE“. This sounds like DONALD TSANG talking about “resolute pragmatic action” (Web-site/URL:, which of course = BLIND OBEDIENCE.  “The people of Pyongyang are CONFIDENT. They know we can win ANY WARand North Korea has made it clear that they want “war”. “We now have nuclear weapons. So you WON’T see any worry on people’s faces, EVEN IF the situation is tense“. Well, NORTH KOREA CREATED this “tense situation”.

“In London, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov urged a CALM response from all“. This is just like Russia’s attitude on SYRIA, which is ALARMING. “speaking in Russian, before meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry”Lavrov said: “You SHOULD NOT scare anyone with military maneuvers. And then THERE’S A CHOICE  everything can calm down“. This is exactly what Russia is doing in SYRIA (i.e. “scare (people) with military maneuvers”) so this is HYPOCRITICAL. 

Finally, “One historian, James Person, noted that it isn’t the first time North Korea has warned that a war was imminent” obviously. “He said that in 1968, following North Korea’s seizure of an American ship, the USS Pueblo, Pyongyang persistently advised foreign diplomats to prepare for a U.S. counterattack. Cables from the Romanian mission in Pyongyang showed embassies were instructed to build anti-air bunkers “to protect foreigners against air attackswhich of course is absolutely necessary.

“The cables were obtained and posted online by the Wilson Center’s North Korea International Documentation Project”.

“Person called it one of North Korea’s first forays into what he calls “military ADVENURISM“, which is a good way to put it because weapons ARE EVERYTHING TO Kim Jong-un.

Finally, Speaking “by phone from Alexandria, Virginia”Person said: “In 1968, there was some concern there would be an attack, but (the North Koreans) certainly were building it up to be more than it was in hopes of getting more assistance from THEIR ALLIES (?) at the time“. North Korea should only have CHINA as an “ally”. “I think much of it was HOT AIR  Today, I think again, it’s more HOT AIR. The idea is to SCARE PEOPLE INTO PRESSURING the United States to RETURN TO NEGOTIATIONS WITH (?) North Korea. That’s the bottom line“. The problem is of course: North Korea DOESN’T “negotiate”. Also, “pressuring” is the latest/another example of the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL: which, again, is typical of North Korea.

To conclude, let’s go back to the title: “No panic in NKorea despite talk of missile test”. OF COURSE North Korea isn’t afraid, but MANY other people are and FOR GOOD REASON.


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