The title of a recently released Al-Jazeera article is “North Korea marks founder’s birthday” (Web-site/URL:

“Thousands celebrate Kim Il-sung’s birth in (the) capital Pyongyang, as TENSIONS CONTINUE Over the country’s nuclear program“.

According to South Korea defense ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok  “North Korea IS NOT believed to have launched a missile on the occasion of the Day of the Sun [country’s national holiday], of which today (April 15, 2013) is the 101stBut the military IS NOT easing up on its vigilance on the activities of the North’s military with the view that they can CONDUCT A PROVOCATION AT ANY TIME” obviouslySouth Korea CANNOT and MUST NOT “(ease) up on its vigilance on the activities of (North Korea)”. ObviouslySouth Korea should be FAR MORE CONCERNED about an attack from North Korea than the United States should be because South Korea is MUCH closer to North Korea than the United States is. 

 “Meanwhile, the South Korean UNIFICATION (?) Ministry, which oversees relations with the North, said it was “REGRETTABLE” that the North had rejected an offer of talks, but insisted the offer remained on the table”. North Korea DOES NOT want/actually HAS NO PLANS to “reunify” with its southern neighbors nor does it want to “talk”North Korea is a classic HERMIT state whose leaders make a living by SHUTTING THEIR PEOPLE OFF FROM THE REST OF THE WORLDChina is bad; NORTH KOREA is THE WORST.

“The Chinese Communist Party MOUTHPIECE, the People’s Daily, said on Monday (April 15, 2013) that TENSIONS COULD GET OUT OF CONTROLat which point China will RUSH TO THE AID OF NORTH KOREA? Also once again we are reminded of how DEEPLY TROUBLING/PROBLEMATIC “mouthpieces” are of course because “mouthpieces” are instruments of GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA in countries with Communist, socialist or dictatorial governments.  “in a commentary, the paper wrote”: “Bad things will always happen IF A BOWSTRING IS DRAWN FOR TOO LONG“. China is obviously referencing a BOW & ARROW here in accordance with ANCIENT traditionsChina, of course, as we know, is an ANCIENT society.  

“North Korea has repeatedly stressed that it FEARS the US WANTS TO INVADE IT and has MANIPULATED the United Nations to weaken it (the US)”There are TWO things to note hereFirstDOES the US “(want) to invade” North Korea? On top of this“manipulation” is a fundamental characteristic of dictatorships/UNDEMOCRATIC governments.

Finally,  “Kim Yong-nam, North Korea’s titular head of state, told a gathering of officials and service personnel APPLAUDING the achievements of Kim Il-sung”: We will EXPAND IN QUANTITY our nuclear weapons capabilitywhich is THE TREASURE OF a UNIFIED (?) Koreathat we would NEVER barter at ANY price. Again, there are TWO things to note hereFirst “applauding” is a fundamental activity of NORTH KOREAN DICTATORSHIPS (Web-site/URL: On top of thisonce againNorth Korea is presenting this concept/idea that THREATENING/SHOOTING AT OTHER COUNTRIES is MORE important than FEEDING ITS STARVING POPULATION/CITIZENSwhich, again, is just INCONCEIVABLE/UNIMAGINABLE/RIDICULOUS.

So, North Korea has BROKEN WITH TRADITION by NOT firing a rocket on the commemoration/anniversary of its founding father’s birthHowever we still have to wonder: WILL THEY SHOOT AT SOME OTHER TIME? With North Korea, WE JUST NEVER KNOW/IT’S ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO KNOW


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