Terror in BOSTON: Vigil For Victims (Fox)

The title of a recently released Fox News article is “Hundreds gather for vigils in Boston as runners across nation offer tributes (Web-site/URL: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/04/17/hundreds-gather-for-vigil-on-boston-common/#ixzz2QjtHOw6D).

“Hundreds of people gathered for vigils in Boston Tuesday night (April 16, 2013) to remember the victims and show solidarity with those hurt in the bombing attack on the city’s marathon”.

“MyFoxBoston.com reports that several hundred people turned out on the Boston Common and wrote messages of peace and love on a large sign declaring, “Boston, you’re our home“.

“Participants sang songs including “Amazing Grace” and “The Star-Spangled Banner” and lit candles one day after three people were killed and more than 170 people were injured in the bombings near the end of the race on Monday (April 15 2013)”.

“Northeastern University student Scott Turner HUGGED FRIENDS, WEPT and prayed at the vigil. He said the people of Boston WOULD NOT be afraid and would respond by showing PEACE and SUPPORTING ONE ANOTHERwhich is what we MUST do in times of ADVERSITY/in times when we are TESTED TO OUR LIMITS.

“Hundreds also turned out for a vigil for the family of Martin Richard, the 8-year-old boy who was killed in one of the explosions at the end of the marathon as he cheered runners completing the race, according to MyFoxBoston.com”. NO ONE should have their life ended like this, especially A CHILD.

“Meanwhile, distance runners all over the country BANDED TOGETHER Tuesday (April 16, 2013) by putting on their shoes and going for a jog to HONOR THE VICTIMS and DEAL WITH THEIR OWN EMOTIONS“. There are THREE things to note hereFirst we should “band together” because all too often these days, people seem to be GOING AFTER EACH OTHERSecondly WE MUST “honor the victims”. On top of this, people have to “deal with their emotions” because many “emotions” are still raw

“The Twitter hashtag “runforboston” turned into a virtual meeting spot for a steady, somber stream of social media users eager to show solidarity with those hurt in the blasts — along with pride in their sport — by pounding the pavement, even for just a few miles”.

“Some Boston College students used Facebook to plan a walk of the marathon’s last five miles Friday afternoon (April 19, 2013) “to stand UNITED” with runners who didn’t finish, bystanders who were injured and those who lost their lives”. WE MUST “stand united”.

“the invitation (for the walk) read”: “We will walk to show that WE decide when our marathon ends” NOT TERRORISTS

“As of mid-afternoon on Tuesday (April 16, 2013), more than 12,000 people clicked on “join” to signal their participation”. NO SURPRISE THERE. THIS IS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgnAY_eXYbI).

“Mike Ewoldt, the co-owner of a running equipment store based in Omaha, Neb., had previously organized an informal run for Tuesday evening (April 16, 2013) to test a new shoe brand. He shifted gears to turn the event into a memorial for the victims”. “Everybody looks at Boston as THE PINNACLE (i.e. the top) of running. First, you have to qualify and meet a standard to get to Boston. IF you qualify, you have two years to run it” which is a FINITE amount of time. “It is a ONE-time shot for a lot of them. They may NEVER get this opportunity again“.

“Hallie Von Rock, a 36-year-old attorney from Alameda, Calif., planned to take time out of her work day to run six miles. She qualified for the Boston Marathon with a time of 3:27 (3 hours, 27 minutes), but was unable to make this year’s (2013) race”.  “After this (i.e. the bombings) happened, I thought, ‘ I’ve GOT TO do it(now)”. I think it would be goodobviously to HONOR THE PEOPLE WHO WERE LOST AND WOUNDED IN THAT HORRIFIC ATTACK. “People TRAIN SO HARD for this and THEIR FAMILY and supporters are there in the stands, and a kid who was waiting for his dad. It’s terrible” again obviouslyThis also sounds like what happened to Prof. HOUMIN YAN in 2004 because he and his family were scheduled to go to a country that was HIT BY THE ASIA-PACIFIC TSUNAMIbut they couldn’t get ticketsThis is another one of those occasions/instances where NOT being able to go somewhere/do something actually turned out to be A BLESSING.

“Ricky Campbell, the secretary of the 150-member club, said candles will be lit prior to the start. Campbell said he ran the Boston Marathon in 2012 and was supposed to repeat the feat this year (2013), but COULDN’T MAKE IT WORK“. Well “it worked” because if he would’ve participated this time (2013)PERHAPS he would’ve been SHOT. “In my eyes, I can still see it“. “see”” PEOPLE GETTING SHOT? THIS IS HORRIFYING. “I’m thanking God that He made me NOT have plans to be in Boston Monday (April 15, 2013), to make me STAY HOME. I couldn’t imagine being in that (in Boston) at the moment“.

“John Bozung, a 60-year-old runner from Orem, Utah, will extend his streak to 216 consecutive months with a 26.2-mile race by running the Salt Lake City Marathon on Saturday (April 20, 2013). Bozung wore his blue-and-gold 2012 Boston Marathon shirt and black visor on Tuesday (April 16, 2013), the same outfit he’s planning to put on Saturday (April 20, 2013)”.

“More than 1000 people gathered in Miami on Tuesday night for a tribute run — including a 26.2-second moment of silence, a nod to the 26.2-mile marathon distance. A few people wore Red Sox hats and shirts, and participants held an outstretched U.S. flag while the national anthem blared before the event”.

According to Kiley Lapointe, “a Massachusetts native who lives in Miami”, “For me, IT HITS REALLY CLOSE TO HOME” obviously. “Being from Massachusetts, a lot of friends and family were participating at the race and participating every year at the Boston Marathon (and) It’s just A REALLY SCARY, HORRIFIC TRAGEDY” again obviously.

“The event drew a larger-than-expected crowd, even though it obviously was planned in a hurry. A married couple from South Miami, Lalo Senior and Marcela Mora-Senior, designed T-shirts for the event that read, “Run for Boston. 4-15-13. Terrorism will never stop us“.

According to Mora-Senior, “I’m REALLY SAD for what happened in Boston” obviouslyWE ALL ARE. “YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT CAN HAPPEN” and that uncertainty is SCARY/FRIGHTENING.

“In Morristown, Tenn., a local running and hiking club turned an already-planned 4-mile run into a Boston tribute. One of the organizers, John Smyth, said he expected to TRIPLE the usual turnout to about 75 people”. More specifically, Smyth, “who wore a T-shirt on Tuesday (April 16, 2013) from a previous race, the Woodstock 5K in Anniston, Ala.”, “There’ll probably be SOME (?) tears shed and moments of silence. THIS IS DEVASTATINGagain obviously and there will be A LOT OF “tears shed”

Finally, “Smyth went on describe the sense of belonging he’s experienced in this sport”. “You’re trying to BEAT the guy running beside you (obviously), but at the same time, you’re BUILDING CAMARADERIE with everyone there“. “building camaraderie” is something that many people forgetEVERYONE in the race ahead of you, EVERYONE in the race behind you, you’re all like BEST FRIENDS. Once you cross that finish line, you’re crossing it to share in EVERYONE’s glory“, specifically the three people who didn’t make it/surviveAgain, this is DEVASTATINGbecause these people won’t have a tomorrow or ever see their families again.

In light of this horrific event, people should certainly TAKE ADVANTAGE of this opportunity and RALLY AROUND EACH OTHER.


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