FIVE-Year-Old INDIAN Girl Raped: Fox

The title of a recently released Fox News article is “Indian girl, 5, in serious condition after being RAPED (and) TORTURED for 2 DAYS, officials say” (Web-site/URL: Of course“raped” and “tortured” are BRUTAL and VIOLENT.

“A 5-year-old girl was in serious condition Saturday after being raped and tortured by a man who held her in a locked room in India’s capital for TWO days, officials said”. Being “raped” for a matter of minutes is bad enough, let alone “TWO days”.

“The girl went missing Monday (April 15, 2013)  and was found Wednesday (April 17 2013) by neighbors who heard her crying in a room in the same New Delhi building where she lives with her parents, said Delhi police official Deepak Mishra. The girl was found ALONE LOCKED IN A ROOM and LEFT FOR DEAD, he said”. Again, this was BRUTAL especially/specifically “left for dead”.

The girl suffered SEVERE INTERNAL injuriesas well as cuts and BITE marks on her face and torso, said D.K. Sharma, the medical superintendent of the government-run hospital in New Delhi where she was being treated. Sharma described the girl’s condition as “serious” and said doctors were TRYING to stabilize her condition“. Again, “trying” IS NOT a guarantee.

“A 24-year-old man who lived in the room where the girl was found was arrested Saturday (April 20, 2013) in Muzaffarpur town in Bihar state, about 620 miles east of New DelhiMishra said. The suspect was flown to New Delhi, where a magistrate ordered that he be held in police custody”.

According to Ranjana Kumari, “a women’s rights activist and social scientist”, “The police DID NOTHINGThey DID NOT register a complaintthe first step before they can begin investigations“. “The police did nothing”, as we know, has been recurring theme throughout the ARAB uprisings. “This heinous crime COULD have been prevented IF police had begun investigations promptly“. Sadly/Unfortunately, “the police” DIDN’T DO ANYTHING.

Finally, “in a statement late Friday (April 19 2013)”, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called the police behavior “COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE“. He conveyed to Delhi authorities “the need for the strictest possible action to be taken against the erring officials“. This is the latest example of a POLITICIAN saying that something is “completely unacceptable”but is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY to do anything about it

Again, this is an EASY conclusion and again this is A DISGRACE because this suggests that we have learned NOTHING from the attacks on the INDIAN medical student and MALALA YOUSAFZAIThis attack is even more HORRIFYING and DISGRACEFUL, because we’re talking about a FIVE-year-old who CANNOT/HAS NO WAY TO protect herselfYousafzai was 15 when she was attacked (Web-site/URL:  Here we have a CHILD having her innocence ripped away which is HEARTBREAKING.


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