The title of a recently released Reuters article is “Maduro to be sworn in as Venezuela reviews DISPUTED vote” (Web-site/URL:

“Nicolas Maduro will be sworn in as Venezuela’s president on Friday (April 19, 2013) at a ceremony attended by several Latin American leaders, after a decision to widen an electronic audit of the vote took some of the heat out of a dispute over his election”.

“Maduro, a former BUS DRIVER-turned-foreign minister who became the late Hugo Chavez’s CHOSEN successor, narrowly beat opposition challenger Henrique Capriles in Sunday’s (April 14, 2013) vote”. This sounds like the HONG KONG government’s vetting process for the post of RTHK Head (Web-site/URL: which none of the government’s choices to fill that vacancy were considered suitable because none of them had a journalism background.

“He ACCUSED Capriles of TRIGGERING post-election violence that KILLED eight people, though the opposition says Maduro allies STAGED some incidents to distract (people) from the vote dispute”. Again there are TWO things to note here. First, “accused” is the latest/another example of “Blaming and criticizing” (Web-site/URL: as for “staging” eventseach camp/side is going to BLAME the other making this the latest/another example of “We think they made us mad; they think we made them mad and here we go” (Web-site/URL:

“(Speaking) on Thursday (April 18, 2013) before flying to Peru for a last-minute meeting of South American leaders to DISCUSS THE SITUATION (?)”Maduro said: “We have stopped A COUP (?) in its first stage. They (i.e. CAPRILES’ supporters) are beaten, but they are COMING BACK WITH A NEW ATTACK“. This is the latest chapter of Nicolas Maduro (or HUGO CHAVEZ?) ANTICS as is “to discuss the situation”. THERE IS NOTHING to “discuss”This is just another example of a dictator passing the reigns to HIS HAND-PICKED/ANOINTED SUCCESSOR

“While he was in Lima (Peru), Venezuela’s electoral authority said it would widen to 100 percent an AUDIT of electronic votes from a previous audit that reviewed 54 percent” which is the way it should beWe certainly SHOULDN’T just take a dictator‘s word for granted.

According to Tibisay Lucena, “president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), (speaking)  in a televised speech to the nation”, “We do this in order to preserve a climate of HARMONY (?) … and ISOLATE VIOLENT SECTORS that are seeking to INJURE democracy“, which is exactly what MADURO is trying to do.

“Argentine President Cristina Fernandez said on Twitter that on Saturday morning (April 20, 2013) she planned to visit the military museum in Caracas where her FRIEND (?) Chavez is buried”. “I want to be there a bit more ALONE, WITHOUT so many people (and) without so much NOISE” obviously. There is TOO MUCH political “noise” these daysAlso, Argentina is a “representative democracy” (Web-site/URL: hopefully Fernandez is Chavez’s “friend” because Chavez was a champion for THE WORKING CLASSOtherwise, someone who leads a “representative democracy” certainly SHOULDN’T be “friends” with a ruthless dictator. “To Caracas, without Hugo. It’s going to be DIFFICULT and STRANGE at the same time“. IT WILL INDEED be “a…STRANGE time for Venezula” because Chavez ruled Venezuela for more than 14 years: February 2, 1999 – March 5, 2013 (Web-site/URL:  His funerals were SO IMPRESSIVE it was like I was IN A DAZE“. WOW. THIS IS INTERESTING.

Finally, “Capriles, who has repeatedly called on his supporters to behave peacefully, has said THE GOVERNMENT was to BLAME for any violence because of its refusal to hold a recount”. More specifically, he tweeted: We have identified where the problems are. With this, we’re where we want to be” with THE VOTE AUDIT. “He also demanded the government stop “PERSECUTING” his supporters, and said there was no evidence of attacks on the state-run clinic, known as CDIs”Well dictators “persecute”THIS IS THE SAD REALITY. “I asked for reports from all the country’s municipalities about incidents at CDIsNone were affected. Only SICK MINDS would do something like this!” So Capriles is FRUSTRATED (Web-site/URL: Venezuela gets A CONTINUATION OF CHAVEZChavez is certainly a HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL figureLove him or hate himhe has certainly left his mark/had an impact on Venezuelan society and history.

This is yet another EASY conclusion. THERE IS NO “dispute” here because before he became incapacitatedthe late HUGO CHAVEZ HAND-PICKED Maduro to succeed him (Maduro was Chavez’s “chosen successor”)In UNDEMOCRATIC countries/societies“disputes” or disagreements ALWAYS go the DICTATOR‘s wayThe fact that MADURO was going to succeed Chavez once the latter became incapacitated just like KIM JONG-UN succeeded KIM JONG-IL in NORTH KOREAIn dictatorial societiesonce the dictator has made up his mindNO ONE CAN CHANGE OR IT…or DARES to change it…unless they want to GET THROWN IN PRISON or ASSASSINATED.


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