“Search For Survivors” in SECOND SICHUAN Earthquake Becomes “FRANTIC”: Al-Jazeera

The title of a recently released Al-Jazeera article is “FRANTIC search for China quake survivors” (Web-site/URL: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/asia-pacific/2013/04/2013421105624778789.html).

“Rescuers overcome LANDSLIDES and 1,100 aftershocks to reach Sichuan region where earthquake killed at least 203 people”.

“Thousands of rescuers are FIGHTING to thwart a rising death toll as they search earthquake-SHATTERED villages in southwest China for survivors”. There are TWO things to note hereFirst“shattered” is the latest/another VIOLENT word and this is clearly an UPHILL “fight”

“Rescue teams battled LANDSLIDES and COLLAPSED ROADS to reach isolated parts of Sichuan Province on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau, in images aired on STATE broadcaster CCTV on Sunday (April 21 2013)”. Again, there are TWO things to note hereFirst, when “landslides” occur and “buildings (collapse)”, they often do so VIOLENTLY/in a VIOLENT mannerOn top of this, again, we know how UNRELIABLE ” STATE media” is, because again, “STATE media” only spits out GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA

“At least 203 people have SO FAR been CONFIRMED dead, with 6,000 injured in Saturday’s (April 20, 2013) 6.6 magnitude quake. Almost 1,000 were SERIOUSLY injured in the quake“.

“China’s new Premier Li Keqiang has rushed to the disaster zone and was shown by CCTV EATING BREAKFAST IN A TENT“. “The rescue effort is our FIRST duty“. IS IT REALLY? Or is this just the latest/another FREAK SHOW? “eating breakfast in a tent” may mean something or it may NOT.

Al Jazeera’s Rob McBride, reporting from Hong Kong, said the suddenness of the earthquake had CONTRASTED with the 2008 one in the same province, which left more than 90,000 people dead or missing”. “People are now watching to see how the new leadership is dealing with this“. There most likely WON’T be any change because Xi is a HU JINTAO discipleBoy, this sounds like NORTH KOREA again, which, againis NOT a good sign. “This their first TEST of how they deal this natural disaster“. ONLY TIME WILL TELL IF they passed this “first test”.

“The rescue operation was hampered by huge queues of traffic, some stretching back for 20km, that clogged roads into the disaster zone”.

According to “one relief official, (speaking) in his car”, “We REALLY want to go in and help people, but instead we are waiting in traffic“. This is the latest example of FRUSTRATION a common emotion among POLITICIANS these days (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgnAY_eXYbI).

“A 68-year-old woman with A BROKEN ARM spoke of the TERROR she experienced when the earthquake struck”. “It was as if THE MOUNTAIN WAS ALIVE” and just CAVED IN. “Now I have no home to go (back to), so I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M GOING TO DO“. We can understand why this lady is exasperated and FRUSTRATED (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgnAY_eXYbI). In natural disasters/during crises, THE ELDERLY and CHILDREN are obviously THE MOST vulnerable.

The earthquake cut off POWER and WATER supplies to much of the area, with Longquan villager Sot Yang Yiyun among the MANY affected”. “Now we don’t have DRINKING WATER and POWER“, two NECESSITIES for SURVIVAL..”We must wait for THE GOVERNMENT (?) to come and help us out. Also, we want to call for help from other parts of THE COUNTRY (?)” Like many her ageSot has clearly been BRAINWASHED into believing that the Chinese government CAN DO NO WRONG and that FOREIGNERS ARE INTERFERING IN CHINESE and SYRIAN AFFAIRSIn other words, Sot must be an OLD woman.

“Earthquake-prone Japan, which has been mired in tension with China over a high seas territorial dispute, offered any help that was required”. Of course, we are talking about the RIDICULOUS and seemingly NEVER-ENDING SENKAKU ISLANDS dispute again.

 “in a message to Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li (Keqiang)”, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said: “Japan is READY to offer its MAXIMUM support“.

Finally, “China responded that overseas help WAS NOT needed, but it would contact Tokyo IF the situation changed…” AgainTHIS IS RIDICULOUSThere has just been a MASSIVE earthquake in the same area that was rocked by a HUGE earthquake less than FIVE years agoSo, OF COURSE, China or more accurately THE CHINESE PEOPLE need all the help they can get…from ANY and ALL countriesHowever, Chinese POLITICIANS are still fixated on/obsessed with the SENKAKU ISLANDS issue. So, how is China any better than NORTH KOREA being obsessed with NUCLEAR WEAPONS while average/ordinary North Koreans are STARVINGThey clearly ARE NOT.


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