SENKAKU Islands Dispute (April 24, 2013): Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “China calls Japan-U.S. island drill “PROVOCATIVE” (Web-site/URL: “China calls Japan-US island drill “provocative”, AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL:

“China said on Wednesday (April 24, 2013) that “PROVOCATIVE actions” would not sway it from defending its territory, after Japan confirmed it would conduct military drills with the United States amid TENSION between Beijing and Tokyo over disputed islands”. “tension” between Beijing and the US and Tokyo is back, folks.

“Japan said on Tuesday (April 23, 2013) that the joint drill, scheduled for June (2013) off California, involved the recapture of an isolated island, but was NOT aimed at scenarios involving a specific country, Japan’s Kyodo news agency reported”. ” NOT aimed at scenarios involving a specific country?” REALLY?

“China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Hua Chunying, said “FOREIGN PRESSURE” could not sway China from protecting its territorial sovereignty in the East China Sea”Hua Chunying is the latest person talking like MUAMAR GADHAFI talking about “al-Qaeda” or ASSAD talking about “armed gangs”, “armed groups” or “terrorists”.

 “(Speaking to) reporters at a regular news briefing when asked about the drills”, Hua said: “For any related PROVOCATIVE actions, the Chinese government will maintain a RESOLUTE response“. This sounds like the DONALD TSANG “resolute pragmatic action” of blindly obeying China all over again (Web-site/URL: “We have always upheld the same stance on issues related to the DIAOYU Islands: to APPROPRIATELY (?) solve, manage and control the relevant issues through BILATERAL (?) dialogue and negotiations“. There are THREE things to note hereFirst, “Diaoyu” is the CHINESE equivalent of “Senkaku”Also, what is “appropriate” is open to INTERPRETATIONS (Web-site/URL:

Finally, “U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey told reporters in Beijing on Wednesday (April 24, 2013) on the last day of his trip to China that he had reminded Chinese officials of U.S. obligations to JAPAN” and we know China WON’T be happy about that. “Our position is that we DON’T take a position on territorial issues. In the case of Japan in particular, however, I was careful to remind them (the Chinese) that WE DO HAVE CERTAIN TREATY OBLIGATIONS with Japan that we would honor“. This is hard for CHINA to understand because the Chinese very rarely if ever EMPATHIZE (Web-site/URL:

This is yet another EASY conclusionThe question is not what is “provocative” to the Communist Party. The question is: what ISN’T “provocative” to the Communist Party? 


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