The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “What Kobe won’t tweet: Los Angeles is becoming a CLIPPERS’ town” (Web-site/URL: http://news.yahoo.com/kobe-wont-tweet-los-angeles-becoming-clippers-town-232032850.html).

“With Kobe Bryant injured (and tweeting) and the Los Angeles Lakers reeling, the CLIPPERS are making the most of A CHANCE to become the city’s top basketball attraction”. Well, CELEBRITIES ALWAYS “tweet”.

According to Los Angeles native Peter Vineland, “a self-described “basketball NUT” sipping a beverage at Starbucks in Sherman Oaks”, “This ISN’T supposed to happen, it’s really THROWING ME OFF MENTALLY. I’m sorry for Kobe Bryant and the Lakersbut SURPRISINGLY HAPPY for the Clippers”Should this be a “surprise?” The Clippers upgraded significantly when they acquired CHRIS PAUL from the New Orleans Hornets to play alongside BLAKE GRIFFIN.

 According to Dan Lebowitz, “president of the Center for the Study of Sports in Society at Northeastern University”, “The Lakers have been THE SHINING STARS for decades (now) and the Clippers almost THE LAUGHING STOCK of the league”. That’s quite a contrast: “shining stars” vs. “laughing stock”. “Now the CLIPPERS are THE DARLINGS OF the league, the Cinderella (?) team to watch. THIS IS GOING TO BE GOOD (?)” So  Lebowitz EXPECTS THE CLIPPERS to make a DEEP playoff run (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgnAY_eXYbI).

According to Los Angeles Times sportswriter Mike Bresnahan, “looking ahead to Wednesday’s (April 24, 2013) second playoff game against the Spurs”, “There’s one BIG,BLISTERING question facing the LakersSo, uh, who’s going to SCORE for you guys?” Well “scoring” WASN’T the problem in Wednesday’s (April 24, 2013), at least from THE FIELDThe Lakers shot 45% (37-82) with FIVE scoring in/reaching double figuresThe problem, again, was FREE THROW SHOOTING (69%; 9-13) with DWIGHT HOWARD shooting only 50% for that game (2-4) and the fact that they COULDN’T STOP the Spurs who shot 51% (42-82) who also shot 79% from the free throw line (11-14), which, of courseADDS INSULT TO INJURYThe Spurs were EFFICIENT from the free throw line, while the Lakers, it seemed, COULDN’T BUY A FREE THROW 

 According to Lakers forward Mettah World Peace, “I LOVE IT when Kobe tweetsKobe SHOULD tweet Game 2 THE WHOLE TIME, EVERY possession,CRITIQUE us, CRITICIZE us, chew us out…. I LOVE Kobe. KOBE‘s GREAT” obviously but the Lakers clearly ARE NOTIf the Lakers WERE great in ’12-’13they would have been FIRST or SECOND in the Western Conference and WON the Pacific Division instead of only finishing third in the division and finishing in seventh in the conference.

Finally, Lebowitz finished off: “Kobe has been THE FACE OF basketball there (in Los Angeles) for so long (now), it seems (as if/like) it’s time to PASS IT ON”.  “noting that the Clippers MANAGED THE DRAFT WELL in recent years and MADE GOOD TRADES“. This is something that the Lakers HAVE NOT done for a few years nowIn 2007the Lakers got PAU GASOL and convinced DEREK FISHER to returnPAU GASOL was a MAJOR acquisition. The combination of BRYANT, FISHER, GASOLLAMAR ODOM (who had been with the Lakers since 2004) and RON ARTEST  (now METTAH WORLD PEACE who joined in ’09), got Bryant and Fisher their FOURTH and FIFTH championship rings. However it’s safe to say that the acquisitions of DWIGHT HOWARD and STEVE NASH for the current season (2012-’13) has been A MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENTWe could even call this current season A FAILURE at least by Lakers’ standards. Keep in mind that this is a team which is supposed to win or at least contend for CHAMPIONSHIPSnot meddle in mediocrity.  “They (the CLIPPERS) created a great team with GOOD CHEMISTRY BETWEEN PLAYERS”. Again we CAN’T say this about the LakersIn a recent article, Bryant was quoted  saying he’s “looking like AN IDIOT forcing the ball to HowardWanting the ball is good but GOOD DECISIONS MUST BE MADE WITH THE BASKETBALLOn top of this again Howard’s ATROCIOUS/HORRENDOUS FREE THROW SHOOTING DOESN’T help. “And in the true measure of L.A. sports clout, celebrities are now as common a sight courtside at CLIPPERS’ games as at Laker games. So “L.A. can still be proud, just that it will be beaming from a DIFFERENT spotlight” again obviouslyThe Clippers finished FOURTH in the Western Conference and are LEADING the Memphis Grizzlies 2-0On the other hand the Lakers finished SEVENTH in the Western Conference and are FIGHTING FOR THEIR PLAYOFF LIVES against the San Antonio Spurs, down 0-2.

This is yet another EASY conclusionKobe won’t tweet (the fact that) Los Angeles is (now) becoming a CLIPPERs‘ town” because HE DOESN’T WANT TO ADMIT ITbut he might have to now that HIS playing days are now numberedIf nothing changesBRYANT is retiring after next season (2013-’14) and then who’s going to hold the Lakers together? PAU GASOL? But he needs help, DWIGHT HOWARD MUST focus on his FREE THROW SHOOTING and LAMAR ODOM is now playing for the CLIPPERSSo Pau is UNLIKELY to get the help he needs, especially with STEVE NASH also being 39That leaves only METTAH WORLD PEACE, who is only ONE year younger than Bryant. The Lakers basically need a TOTAL/COMPLETE makeoverAlso notice “With Kobe Bryant injured (and tweeting) and the Los Angeles Lakers reeling, the CLIPPERS are making the most of A CHANCE to become the city’s top basketball attraction”This will only occur IF the Clippers make a run DEEP into the playoffs (SECOND round or better)Otherwise, they will be the JEREMY LIN of 2012-’13 who got a lot of HYPE but couldn’t DELIVERLin led the Knicks on a SEVEN game win streak, but crashed with a 1-11 DISASTER in a game at the MIAMI HEAT


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