SIX-Year-Old Girl Raped in NEW DELHI: Al-Jazeera

The title of a recently released Al-Jazeera article is “SIX-year-old Indian girl raped in New Delhi” (Web-site/URL:

(No less than) TWENTY-TWO suspects have been detained after a SIX-year-old girl was BRUTALLY RAPED and had her THROAT SLIT in New Delhi”THIS WAS “brutal”. This was apparently a GANG rape

“The attack happened on Saturday (April 27, 2013) in Badarpur district on the outskirts of the Indian capital” and NOT in the capital itself. In areas far away from capital cities of course LAWS ARE HARDER TO ENFORCE AND IMPLEMENTbecause obviously IT’S IMPOSSIBLE for police to be everywhere.

“The incident came only days after the sexual assault of a FIVE-year-old girl in the same city TRIGGERED A HUGE PUBLIC OUTCRY AND CALLS FOR CAPITAL PUNISHMENT FOR ALL RAPISTS“. Of coursethis is a LONG way off.

“Family members said the girl went to THE PUBLIC TOILET FOR HER DAILY BATH, but they were soon informed by locals she was LYING IN A POOL OF BLOOD“. No wonder many Indian & Middle Eastern/Arab women are reluctant to use public toiletswhich, of course, is a HUGE inconvenienceThey’re clearly afraid of BEING ASSAULTED.

According to Jitender Kumar Jha, “a relative of the victim”, “The girl used to go for a daily bath in that (particular) public toilet. She also went today“. She never could have envisioned that this time, she would be RAPED. “After some time, people came to our house to tell us that the girl is lying in the toilet with injuries on her NECKWhen we went, we saw her LYING ON THE GROUND WITH A SLIT THROAT and she was (also) NAKED“. This poor girl was surely STRIPPED “naked”, RAPED and then BEATEN

“The police were quick to seal the crime scene and detained 22 suspects with past criminal records in the region”.

According to Ajay Chaudhary, a commissioner of police, “We have rounded up 22 suspects. They are alcoholics and DRUG ADDICTS, who have some PAST CRIMINAL RECORDS“. In other words, these people were THUGSwhich explains A LOT. “All of them are being questioned. Soon we will identify the culprit and HE WILL BE ARRESTED“. OK, but will he be held accountable or will he be LET OFF THE HOOK EASY as we’ve seen in MANY other cases?

“The girl was taken to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences trauma centre, where she underwent emergency surgery”.

Finally, “Viplav Mishra, who operated on the victim, confirmed wounds to her genitalia and said her neck injuries were severe enough to confirm an attempt to MURDER the child“. “The girl had an incised wound on her neck showing that someone tried to SLIT HER THROAT WITH A SHARP OBJECT. It was a VERY DEEP wound, her wind pipe was JUST saved, (and) we could see the windpipe and deep structure insideThe NECK muscle was also damaged. There were FOUR to FIVE incisionsI had to take out a segment of skin to repair the damage. It was a LONG and TEDIOUS process” obviouslyFortunately, she has survived and I think that after the sexual assault, there was also an attempt to MURDER the child“, which, again, is HORRIFYING and DISGRACEFUL.

Again, this is HORRIFYING and a blatant/clear attack on HUMAN DIGNITYTHESE RAPES/ATTACKS MUST STOP NOWWe also have to wonder what this CHILD was doing out on the streets of Delhi alone. We also have to wonder what this girl’s PARENTS were doingThey have A MORAL OBLIGATION to protect this childDelhi is quickly becoming THE RAPE CAPITAL OF THE WORLDPerhaps IT HAS ALREADY achieved this status and thatagain, of courseis a VERY DUBIOUS distinction.


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