Building Collapses in BANGLADESH: Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Bangladesh building collapse death toll nears 350 (Web-site/URL:

“Police in Bangladesh took SIX people into custody in connection with the collapse of a SHODDILY CONSTRUCTED building that killed at least 348 people, as rescue workers admitted Saturday that voices of survivors are getting weaker after four days of being pinned under the INCREASINGLY UNSTABLE rubble“. “increasingly unstable rubble” should remind us of/bring to mind the aftermath of AN EARTHQUAKE and during earthquakes, “shoddily constructed buildings” COLLAPSE and that’s exactly what we’re dealing with here. .  

“Working round-the-clock since Wednesday (April 24, 2013) through heat and a thunderstorm, rescuers on Saturday (April 27, 2013) finally reached the ground floor from the top of the mountainous rubble through 25 narrow holes they have drilled, said Brig. Gen. Ali Ahmed Khan, the head of the fire services”. “We are still getting response from survivors, though they are becoming WEAKER slowly“, “adding that rescue workers were now able to see cars that were parked at the ground level”. “The building is VERY vulnerable. ANY TIME the floors could collapse. We are performing an IMPOSSIBLE task, but we are glad that we are able to rescue SO MANY survivors”.

Finally, “Nearby, Abul Basar wept as he awaited news of his wife, who worked in one of the garment factories. “My son says that his mother will come back SOME DAY. She MUST return!” We feel for Mr. Basarbut unfortunately, if his wife hasn’t been found by nowSIX days after this disasterthe chances of finding her alive are SLIM to NONE.

To concludewhenever there is a disaster of this magnitude (i.e. of EPIC proportions)people will be ANGRY and this is exactly what we are seeing now in Bangladesh. This anger is directed at THE OWNER OF THIS BUILDING must wonder if THE GOVERNMENT did EVERYTHING possible to prevent this tragedy/disaster. Once again there are questions about ACCOUNTABILITY 


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