The AMANDA KNOX Saga Re-Surfaces: Al-Jazeera

The title of a recently released Al-Jazeera article is “Knox COULD return to Italy for murder retrial” (Web-site/URL:

“In interviews to promote her book Waiting to Be Heard – which also recounts how she considered suicide in jail – she said she was “considering” returning to Italy, where Meredith Kercher was murdered in 2007″. This murder was BRUTAL. Kercher was  “found semi-nude in a pool of blood with her THROAT CUT (Web-site/URL:

“when asked if she planned to return to Italy, (Knox) was quoted by USA Today as saying”: “My lawyers have said that I DON’T HAVE TO and that I DON’T NEED TO. I’m still considering it, to be honest“.

“Most legal analysts, however, expect Knox to be tried again only in absentia for the crime”. This is a BAD idea because in the event of A CONVICTIONKnox would then HAVE TO return to Italy not for the scenery or the pasta, but to PRISON RIGHT AWAY 

She said she HOPED Kercher’s family would read the book, although she is not in touch with them”. Why HASN’T Knox reached out to the Kerchers? This may help her in her PR campaign.  “IT MATTERS to me what Meredith’s family thinks I really hope that the Kerchers read my book. And they DON’T have to believe me. I have no right to demand anything of anyone. But I HOPE THEY TRY“. This is another reason to REACH OUT to the Kerchersso again we have to wonder why Knox HASN’T done this or is reluctant/refusing to do this.

Knox told ABC, “I want them to know,THEIR GRIEF HAS MY EVERY RESPECT, (and) has the respect of my family“. As we saw in the LANCE ARMSTRONG case, people prefer PERSONAL apologies and reaching out as opposed to doing this IN A PUBLIC ARENA because the latter could justifiably be interpreted as A FREAK SHOW

Finally, “She is open about her attitude to SEX and how it was changing as she headed overseas. She said she had had sex with FOUR men before her departure”. “I left for Italy having decided I NEEDED TO CHANGE THAT“. In other wordsKnox WAS sex-crazed?  “For me, sex was EMOTIONAL and I DIDN’T WANT IT TO BE ANYMOREI hated FEELING DEPENDENT ON ANYONE ELSE. I wanted sex to be about EMPOWERMENTand PLEASURE, (and) not aboutDoes this person like me? Will he still like me tomorrow?'” NO WONDER CERTAIN PEOPLE WERE OBSESSED WITH KNOX’S SEX LIFE.

Just when we thought this case was over and Knox could go back to a somewhat normal lifewe have this MAJOR twist in this EPIC DRAMA.


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