The title of a recently released CBS article is “Mom Brenda Heist resurfaces 11 years after abandoning kids” (Web-site/URL:

ELEVEN years after she vanished without a trace, Brenda Heist approached police in Florida last week to explain that she had abandoned her two children ON THE SPUR OF THE MOMENT (?), leaving behind her old life in central Pennsylvania to become a vagrant  (a tramp)”Who would LEAVE a good life “on the spur of the moment…to become a TRAMP?” That DEFIES UNDERSTANDING/LOGIC.

“Heist, a car dealership bookkeeper, was going through an amicable divorce and had just been turned down for housing assistance. She left the half-done laundry, the defrosting dinner and her daughter and son, then 8 and 12 years old”

“Today (May 3, 2013), her daughter, Morgan, is a 19-year-old freshman at Montgomery County Community College, and her son, Lee, recently graduated and is pursuing a career in law enforcement”.

More specifically, Morgan said: “She WAS my best friend, she and I WERE so close, I never thought she would do this to me and my brother” again obviously. “I don’t know what was so hard in her life, it was a MUTUAL (?) decision to divorce“. WAS IT?

According to Lititz Borough Police Detective John Schofield, “who suspected for years she may have been KILLED“, “Everybody that knew Brenda told us THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY Brenda would leave her children“. Well she’s “(left) her children” NOW. “She TURNED HER BACK ON her family, she turned her back on her FRIENDS (?) (and) her co-workers“. We can only wonder IF Brenda Heist STILL HAS ANY “friends” now that “(she’s) turned her back on” ALMOST EVERYONE.  “She has a birth certificate and a DEATH certificate, so she’s got a long ways to (go in order to) MAKE THIS RIGHT AGAIN (?)” “make this right again?” IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLEShe’s got to TAKE IT SLOW with HER FAMILY (?), I’m sure and it’s going to be a LONG process” again obviouslyHer ex-husband DOESN’T want to see her and it’s the same case with her kids right now. “She said she was AT THE END OF HER ROPE, she was TIRED OF RUNNING” after running from 2002 UNTIL NOWNO ONE SHOULD FEEL SORRY FOR THIS WOMAN.

“Her husband, Lee Heist, who was investigated and then cleared as a suspect, struggled to raise their children. By 2010, he was able to get the courts to declare her legally dead and collected on a life insurance policy. He has remarried”. “They (his children) knew that I was there (for them) and I loved them and would take care of them“.

“He’s ANGRY because of the effect their mother’s disappearance had on the children, but he also said he has forgiven her”. “There were people in the neighborhood who would not allow their children to play with my children” because he had been a suspect”, Lee Heist HAS A LEGITIMATE REASON to be/feel “angry”.

Finally, according to J. Todd Matthews, “a spokesman for the National Missing & Unidentified Persons System, a Fort Worth, Texas-based organization with a database of about 85,000 missing people”, “People do sometimes “walk off“, only to be found years later”Whether or not they’re accepted by their families again however is entirely another matter. ““It’s not an everyday thing. But it’s not unheard of”, “adding that Heist DID NOT strike him as a good candidate for that (?)” REALLY? “She told Schofield she never had access to a computer to check if she was being sought, but she assumed people were looking for her”. “I WOULD NOT have expected to see her turn up alive“. This sounds like A SCENE OUT OF A MOVIENOT SOMETHING THAT COULD POSSIBLY OCCUR IN REAL LIFE.

OK, so given that Brenda Heist’s estranged husband DOESN’T want to see her and her children also DON’T want to see herWHAT’S NEXT for Brenda Heist?


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