The title of a recently released MSNBC article is “Family of mom who was missing for 11 years HAS NO PLANS to reunite with her” (Web-site/URL:

“It’s what relatives of so many missing people hold on to: the hope that their loved one will be found alive days, months, even years after disappearing. But for Brenda Heist, the Pennsylvania woman found this week in Florida 11 years after she vanished, the circumstances surrounding her disappearance have TAINTED the news for her family“. “tainted”, of courseIS NOT good.

According to Morgan Heist, Brenda Heist’s 19-year-old daughter, “I’m HURT so much that she got up and left me and my brotherIt’s NOT that I hate her. It’s just that I DON’T THINK SHE DESERVES TO BE IN MY LIFE AT THIS POINT“. For a MOTHER, that’s BAD.

 According to Lititz Borough Police Det. John Schofield, who met with Heist on Monday (April 29 2013), “She explained to me that she just SNAPPED” INEXPLICABLY

“Her husband, Lee, had briefly been investigated as a suspect in Heist’s disappearance, but was cleared”. “I thought for probably about two years based on some of the information (I had been given) that she had been CARJACKED” which, again, of course, is BRUTAL. “I just wish that she’ll get well, whatever the PROBLEMS are” and Brenda Heist clearly has A LOT OF “problems”.

“Lee Heist has since remarried”.


“Neither he nor his daughter Morgan have plans to reunite with Heist right now”.

More specifically, Morgan Heist continued: “I DON’T want her to tell me she MISSED me. I DON’T want her to tell me she LOVES me“, obviously, because neither of these statements are true. “I DON’T want A SOB STORY“. Unfortunately we’re BOUND TO GET “a sob story” because CELEBRITIES are really good at those. In fact it’s about THE ONLY thing they’re good at.

“Heist, who had worked as a car dealership bookkeeper, apologized for what she did to her family”. Of course, this “apology” was not GENUINE

Schofield went on: “She has a birth certificate and a DEATH certificate, so she’s got a long ways (to go in order) to make this right againobviously

“Her daughter said an apology DOESN’T make up for her mom’s absenceagain obviously. “It was TOUGHagain obviously. “Every PROM — my brother GRADUATED from high school and college, I GRADUATED [from high school]. SHE WASN’T THERE, you know? SHE WASN’T THERE FOR THE MOST IMPORTANT PARTS OF MY LIFE“.

“It’s unclear what’s next for Heist, who was put in protective custody but did not require medical treatment when she turned herself in, according to the Monroe County sheriff’s office”.

According to Becky Herrin, spokesperson for Monroe County sheriff’s office, “She appeared to be in RELATIVELY GOOD HEALTH. She said she was TIRED“. This is EXPECTED after running for 11 years (Web-site/URL: 

Finally, “Her (Brenda Heist’s) mother, Jean Copenhaver of Brenham, Texas, told The AP she has spoken with her daughter since she turned herself in”. “She just said she thought THE FAMILY (?) WOULDN’T want to talk to her because of her leaving“. Which “family” are we talking about here? “And we all assured her THAT WASN’T THE CASE and we all LOVED her and WANTED TO BE WITH HER“. This is the case for JEAN COPENHAVERbut NOT for ex-husband and children because againBrenda Heist LEFT/ABANDONED them.

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