BRENDA HEIST ALIVE: LEE HEIST Now Battling Insurance Companies (ABC)

The title of a recently released ABC News article is “Runaway Mom’s Ex-Husband Facing INSURANCE Payout Fight” (Web-site/URL: 

“The husband of Brenda Heist, the Pennsylvania mother who vanished 11 years ago and reappeared in Florida last week, may now face a legal battle over the $100,000 in insurance money he was paid when Heist was declared dead”. Of course, as we know, $100000 is A LOT of money for low-income people/earners.

“During her disappearance, her husband Lee Heist was left to raise their two kids, who were 8 and 12 at the time”.

“Heist told a news conference earlier this week”, “We experienced the loss of a house and car, a job and unemployment (benefits) for over a year and a-halfMeaning we lost EVERYTHING , we moved into assisted housing … IT WAS NOT AN EASY ISSUE” obviously.

“Life insurance expert Steve Weisbart told that the complicated situation Lee Heist found himself in is FAR outside of the realm of the normal“, but in all likelihood, he will have to return the money”. “The general rule is, because she is in fact alive, the insurance company is entitled to recover the money, PLUS INTERESTHE DID NOTHING WRONG, but the policy said, ‘ We’ll pay you as a beneficiary WHEN SHE’S DEAD‘. She’s NOT dead, even though he got the money in error“.

Finally, “Lancaster County attorney John Pyfer said that he can see both sides to the case, but is FAIRLY confident that Lee Heist WILL NOT be paying ANYTHING back“. REALLY? The insurance company would have to prove that [Heist] knew, or had reason to know that she was alive and it was some sort of QUASI-CONSPIRACY, that he did something ILLEGALThat he WASN’T telling the truth. And there’s NO evidence to lead to that“, at least FOR NOW. “IT SEEMS TO ME, he did everything that he possibly he could to have found his wife“. “It seems to me” is the latest/another INTERPRETATION (Web-site/URL: Guess we’ll have to WAIT AND SEE how this saga plays out.

To concludeit’s NOT as if the INSURANCE industry needs any more money.


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