ARIEL CASTRO Convicted of Holding & Raping 3 Women Over A Decade: Al-Jazeera

The title of a recently released Al-Jazeera article is “Ohio kidnap suspect may face murder charges” (Web-site/URL:

“Prosecutor to seek murder charges against Cleveland man accused of raping women held hostage for a decade”.

“Ohio authorities will seek aggravated murder charges against a former Cleveland SCHOOL BUS DRIVER accused of kidnapping and raping three women during a decade of captivity in his house”. People like “school bus drivers” are MORE LIKELY to commit horrific crimes like this because most of these folks are POORLY EDUCATED.

The AGGRAVATED murder charges would stem from the FORCED miscarriages that police alleged were suffered by one of the women at the hands of Ariel Castro, 52, who is accused of holding them captive at his house in Cleveland”“aggravated” and “forced” are the latest examples of the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL:

“County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty said at a news conference on Thursday that his office intends to pursue charges of kidnapping and sexual assault as well as aggravated murder, which could carry the death penalty.

The law of Ohio calls for the death penalty for those most depraved criminals who commit AGGRAVATED MURDER during the course of a KIDNAPPING“. The key word is clearly “aggravated”.

“After Castro appeared in court, his daughter, Arlene, spoke of her EMBARRASSMENT and DEVASTATION over the case and apologized to the three women who accused him of the horrific crimes”.

“One of the women, Gina DeJesus, now 23, was her friend and the pair were walking home together just before Gina disappeared in 2004″.

“With tears streaming down her face, Arlene had a message for DeJesus and fellow kidnap victims Amanda Berry, now 27 and Michelle Knight32, on ABC’s Good Morning America“. “I’m absolutely so, so SORRY (for what my father did). I really want to see you Gina and I want you to meet MY KIDS. I’M SO SORRY FOR EVERYTHING“. Arlene Castro has “kids”but ISN’T MARRIED which means that again, we’re talking about the lack of A FATHER FIGUREwhich means that once again, the family is INCOMPLETE.

Finally, Cleveland Deputy Police Chief Ed Tomba finished off: “THE ONLY opportunity, after interviewing the young ladies to escape was the other day when Amanda escapedThey DON’T believe that they’ve been outside that home for the last 10 years respectively”.

This was another cold case like the case BRENDA HEISTbut unlike that caseat least this case has a relatively happy ending.


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