The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Former Pakistani prime minister declares victory” (Web-site/URL:

“as his supporters clapped, cheered and danced in the streets“, Sharif said: “I appeal to all to come sit with me at the table so that this nation can get rid of this curse of POWER (i.e. ELECTRICITY) CUTS, INFLATION and UNEMPLOYMENT“. So once again we’re talking about PEOPLE’S LIVELIHOODS here.

According to Mohammad Ali, “a shopkeeper who voted in Lahore”, “Our country is in BIG troubleOUR PEOPLE ARE JOBLESS. OUR BUSINESS IS BADLY AFFECTED. WE ARE DYING EVERY DAY“. SoPakistan is in a DIRE situation.

“One man, Bilal Masih, even came to a polling station in the central city of Multan dressed in his wedding attire, saying his bride could wait until he voted. He decorated his wedding car with flowers and a stuffed tiger, the symbol of the Pakistan Muslim League-N party he supports”.

More specifically, Masih, “who was wearing a white and red turban and had garlands of flowers around his neck”, said: “I thought that this was my NATIONAL DUTY“.

“Many Pakistanis seemed determined to cast their ballots despite a series of GUN and BOMB attacks“.

According to Ali Khan, “who was waiting to vote in the northwestern city of Peshawar, where one of the blasts took place”, “YES, THERE ARE FEARS. But what should we doEither we sit in our house and let the terrorism go on, or we COME OUT OF OUR HOMES, CAST OUR VOTE and bring in a government that CAN solve this problem of terrorism“. So Khan HAS FAITH IN/BELIEVES IN Sharif (Web-site/URL: The question now, of course, is: CAN HE DELIVER?

“The chief of Pakistan’s election commission, Fakhruddin Ebrahim, said turnout was near 60 percent of registered voters, the highest since the 1970 election. Many Pakistanis EXPRESSED PRIDE that so many of their fellow citizens chose to vote”.

According to Nasira Jibran in Lahore, “More political activity means more AWARENESS“, which, again, of course, is critical. “More awareness means more ACCOUNTABILITY“, which, again, is something that dictatorial societies LACK.

According to voter Rubina Riaz in Lahore, “It’s now OUR turn. We youngsters WANT OUR SAY in national affairs“. This is rather EMPHATIC.

Finally, according to Nayyar Naseem, a voter in Lahore, “It’s all about DELIVERING” obviously. “Nawaz Sharif HAS DELIVERED. He is EXPERIENCED“. OK, but only time will tell IF he can “deliver” in his third term.


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