The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Te’o practices with Chargers vets for 1st time” (Web-site/URL:–nfl.html).

“Philip Rivers thought Manti Te’o had a decent first interaction with San Diego Chargers veterans”.”after the first practice of organized team activities, which are practices in helmets, jerseys and shorts, but no pads”, Rivers said: “It didn’t seem like he was lost or anything … HE DIDN’T STAND OUT, which was a GOOD thing” obviouslyThis is something we’ll address in more detail at the conclusion of this analysis.

“Te’o did get matched up with star tight end Antonio Gates a few times, which was ”a QUICK welcome, Day 1″Gates had 49 catches for 538 yards and 7 TDs in 2012 (Web-site/URL: This is NOT a full endorsement.

 According to inside linebacker Donald Butler, “who will be paired with Te’o in the Chargers’ 3-4 defense”, “Today (May 13, 2013) was a good first day“, but not GREAT? Again, this is NOT a full endorsement.

According to rookie head coach Mike McCoy, “We make decisions that we think are best for THE ORGANIZATION. Like every other player, we’ve got a plan and we move forward with it. He (Te’o) addressed EVERYONE the other day. We have a schedule for him and we’re going to follow it. We have a belief in what we’re doing and the way we’re going to TAKE CARE OF our players“, which is a mustOK.”He’s done a NICE job. It was a GOOD start for him this weekend“, but not GREAT. “We have BIG EXPECTATIONS for him coming in here and stepping in and playing for us. He’s in there with the ones (i.e. the FIRST TEAM DEFENSE) right now and we’re going to see how much he can pick up“. Are these REASONABLE EXPECTATIONS?

Finally, Butler finished off: “Obviously, we have HIGH EXPECTATIONS for him coming in and playing and HOPEFULLY, he can get our system down and come in and BE PRODUCTIVE“. Again “hopefully” IS NOT a guaranteeWe also have to wonder IF Te’o can meet these “high expectations”.

Finally, let’s note: “The only person who didn’t get to talk about Te’o’s performance was Te’o himself”. Everyone knows Manti Te’o can play footballHowever the jury’s still out on whether Manti Te’o is GAY and that HE CREATED this whole fiasco (Web-site/URL: This is what most likely dropped him out of the first roundAs far as TALENT is concernedTHERE IS NO QUESTION that Te’o is a first round draft pickIt’s ALL THE OTHER STUFF that throws up all sorts of red flags.


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