Tornado in MOORE, OK: Al-Jazeera

The title of a recently released Al-Jazeera article is “Tornado rescue efforts WIND DOWN in Oklahoma” (Web-site/URL:

“Scientists conclude tornado was an EF5 on Fujita scale, THE MOST POWERFUL type, capable of HURLING cars like MISSILES“. “missiles” of course should remind us of NORTH KOREA, once again.

“Rescue workers are NEAR THE END of the search for survivors in the Oklahoma City suburb where a rare and powerful tornado claimed 24 lives, injured at least 230 and left DOZENS missing”.

“Police said thunderstorms and lightning slowed the rescue effort on Tuesday (May 21, 2013), but 101 people had been pulled from the debris ALIVE“. That’s good.

“After nearly 24 hours of searching, Moore’s fire chief said he was CONFIDENT (that) there were no more bodies or survivors in the rubble”. This is HIS BELIEF (Web-site/URL:

“President Barack Obama had PROMISED earlier to make available all necessary government resources to Oklahoma to help in the rescue and recovery effort”. (Speaking) “at the White House”, Obama said: “The people of Moore [Oklahoma] should know that their country will REMAIN ON THE GROUND, BESIDE THEM, FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKESAgain, the question is: CAN OBAMA DELIVER? POLITICIANS, as we know, are infamous for their EMPTY “promises”.

“The US president called the devastation as “one of THE MOST DESTRUCTIVE tornadoes in history“, even though he said the extent of the damage was still unknown”.

“Obama spoke on Tuesday (May 21, 2013) after an Oval Office briefing on the latest developments from his disaster response team and as Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA( Director Craig Fugate was heading to Oklahoma”FEMA of course was the same agency that FAILED MISERABLY when Hurricane KATRINA slammed into THE GULF COAST in 2005 with THE SAME PERSON IN CHARGE (Craig Fugate)FUGATE SHOULD’VE BEEN FIRED IN 2005.


“At least 45 of the 230 people known to have been injured were CHILDREN, according to area hospitals”. This was roughly 20% of all the casualties. Let’s also note once again that children are vulnerable but WOMEN ARE NOT/SHOULDN’T BE because women should work or at least fight for a cause unlike the most traditional CHINESE women or KATE MIDDLETON


“Obama earlier spoke with Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin to express his concern and ordered federal aid to help the state and local recovery efforts”.

“Fallin told reporters that “our hearts are broken” for parents looking for their children” obviously.


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