SYRIAN Refugees Targeted In TURKEY: MSNBC

The title of a recently released MSNBC article is “Syrian refugees TARGETED in Turkish town” (Web-site/URL:

“Muafaq Nasan rushed towards the BLOODY and BROKEN bodies to take the wounded to the hospital right after the huge blast, but a crowd stopped him”. “bloody and broken bodies” are GRUESOME to look at. “The people began to scream, ‘Syrians MUST BE EXPELLED, (because) THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE‘. “The Turkish MOBS turned on Syrian WOMEN and CHILDREN standing nearby and beat them too, Nasan said”. We can note TWO things here. First, “mobs” are obviously VIOLENTSecondly once again “children” are weak and vulnerable but “women” SHOULDN’T BE although we know ULTRA-traditionalists in CHINA, HONG KONG and TAIWAN will vehemently disagree. “It is difficult to be exposed to humiliation by people I THOUGHT were like my parents and my brothers”. This is the latest example of people NOT being able to trust government officials. “Now he hardly leaves the apartment he shares with his family, and watches from the window as mourners pray for those who died in the bombings”. “I HAD felt safe here”, PAST tense.

Uncle Musa” avoids leaving the apartment he shares with his 10 children. (Many refugees asked that they be identified by one name only in order to protect family still in Syria)”. “In Syria, we were AFRAID to go out of the house for FEAR that the (Assad) regime could maybe BEAT or ARREST or even KILL us.  And now I HAVE THE SAME FEELING here (in Turkey) From the first moment of the EXPLOSION, people HIT men here, women and even CHILDREN.” “beat”, “arrest”, “kill” and “hit” are once again VIOLENT actionsAlso, “fear” is also rampantAS IT IS IN SYRIALet’s also note once again that CHILDREN are weak while women SHOULD NOT BE. “He gestured around him”. “When I see these children and they are PRISONERS in my own house and THEY CANNOT GET OUT, THIS BREAKS MY HEART” obviously. “Children DO NOT bear the guilt of what happened”. BINGO.

“According to Musa and others, thousands of refugees have fled Reyhanli and gone back to Syria” into A LIVING HELL.

“There are Turks who believe that THE ONLY way to keep the violence away is to run ALL the rest of the Syrians out of town. One is Ayhan Cuneydi Oglu, whose restaurant was damaged in one of the bombings. He says he is still scared, and very angry about the violence visited on him and his customers, three of whom remain in the hospital. A fourth, A RELATIVE, DIED in the attack.  While there are a lot of “RESPECTED and HONORABLE” Syrians, the solution is to EXPEL THEM ALL, the 30-year-old said”. “The only solution is to keep ALL OF THEM far from here WITHOUT DISTINCTION”. OK, we can certainly understand how Oglu feels.

NOT all of the Turkish residents of Reyhanli feel this way” obviously

“Ahmad Khakje, who prays at a small shrine built in honor of his brother and a son, both of whom died in the blasts, became visibly ANGRY when it was suggested that Syrians should be expelled”. “They are our BROTHERSThe aim of this explosion is to force them out of here, [but] I DON’T WANT THEM TO GO, (because) THEY HAVE NO ONE TO STAND WITH THEM”.  Khakje is someone we should ADMIRE because we finally have someone who possesses the COURAGE to SPEAK HIS MIND and isn’t just spitting out/regurgitating what other people are saying in this case that all Syrians SHOULD BE FORCED TO RETURN TO SYRIA.

Finally, “Against this background of FURY and GRIEF, Nasan, the Syrian who tried unsuccessfully to help victims of the May 11 (2013) bombings, considers his options: taking his wife and two children back to the VICIOUS WAR RAGING in Syria, or staying to face the STUBBORN HOSTILITY and ANGER in Turkey”. “I’m AFRAID for my family to return to Syria, but I don’t think the situation will get any better here (in Turkey). I prefer to be beaten or killed IN MY OWN COUNTRY instead”. This is A DOUBLE NEGATIVE. Nasan will either die a SLOW death (Turkey) or a QUICK death (Syria). Both options are AWFUL.   

Assad’s loyalists have now infiltrated TURKEY. Again, THIS IS TERRIFYINGAlso “mobs” should remind us of the chaotic scenes in TAHRIR SQUARE that many journalists experienced (Web-site/URL: On top of this, we can also relate this to something GIGI IBRAHIM said: “Iraq…WENT DOWN THE DRAIN” because of the US (Web-site/URL: Well, UNLIKE Iraq and EGYPT (Ibrahim’s country)the US WAS NOT overly involved in Syria until recentlyInstead, Syria is like EGYPT where MUBARAK was in control for 30+ years (Web-site/URL: NORTH KOREA where the KIM family have been in power for 65 years starting when KIM IL-SUNG became Prime Minister in 1948  (Web-site/URL:

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