A CHINESE Kid Defaces A Symbol of EGYPT: Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Chinese teen defaces Egypt temple; sparks outcry” (Web-site/URL: http://news.yahoo.com/chinese-teen-defaces-egypt-temple-135035477.html).

A Chinese teenager who defaced an ancient temple in Egypt with graffiti has come under fire at home where his vandalism prompted public fretting about how to cultivate a good image overseas as more newly affluent Chinese travel abroad.

“The teen scratched “Ding Jinhao visited here” in Chinese on a temple wall in the ancient city Luxor and the incident came to light when another Chinese tourist posted a photo of it on a popular microblog (Weibo) with the comment: “My SADDEST moment in Egypt. ASHAMED and UNABLE TO SHOW MY FACE“. Ding is saying this only AFTER writing the graffitiThis is the latest CIRCUS.

“The photo quickly caught the attention of the Chinese public, attracting thousands of comments and someone was able to identify the person responsible for the graffiti as 15-year-old Ding Jinhao from the eastern city of Nanjing. Many criticized Ding’s act as AN EMBARRASSMENT TO THE COUNTRY“. THIS WAS DEFINITELY “embarrassing” but this also brings up an interesting question: should “the country” bear responsibility for ONE PERSON‘s illegal actions/activities?

 Xuan Kejiong, “a prominent journalist with Shanghai Television, wrote on Weibo: Why are there so many citizens who GO ABROAD and HUMILIATE US ? How many generations will it take to change this kind of behavior?” So anyone who “(goes) abroad” aims to “humiliate” CHINANOT TRUEAgain, this is COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA.

“The sentiment was echoed by THE MOUTHPIECE of the ruling Communist Party, the People’s Daily newspaper”. “Nowadays, people in China no longer want food and clothing, and EVEN IN THE LUXURY SHOPS ABROAD, there are advertisement posters in Chinese”Well, in small towns such as FREMONT and ROSEMEAD, CAthere seem to be Chinese shops everywhere and we’re talking about AVERAGE people, not THE ELITE in these casesAlso, once againGOVERNMENT “mouthpieces” only spit out PROPAGANDA. “But many people also feel as though their ‘hands are full but hearts are empty.’ In the process of modernization, how have the people come to lack modern manners and consciousness?” WHATEVER THAT MEANS.

“Last year (2012), China surpassed Germany to become the largest spender in international tourism, with tourists’ expenditure amounting to a record $102 billion, the organization said.

“But Chinese travelers, many of whom join tour groups, are frequently criticized for rude behavior. Deputy Premier Wang Yang earlier this month (May, 2013) during the passage of a tourism law urged Chinese travelers to MIND THEIR MANNERS“, which many Chinese travelers still REFUSE to do, with many Chinese travelers continuing to . “They MAKE A RACKET IN PUBLIC PLACES, carve words at scenic spots, cross the road when the light is RED, SPIT, and do other UNCIVILIZED things“. BINGO

This is the latest example of a CHINESE person assuming that they can DO ANYTHING and GET AWAY WITH IT

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