The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “POWER OUTAGES ADD TO Egypt’s WOES” (Web-site/URL: http://news.yahoo.com/power-outages-add-egypts-woes-134605001.html).

“When his neighborhood is plunged into darkness, high school student Maximos Youssef is forced to study for his year-end exams — critical in determining his future job prospects — by the light of a candle”.

“Youssef says he is in no mood to learn, and the flame only makes sweltering summer nights without fan or air conditioner even hotter. But, he says, “THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION. We have exams. We need to study“.

“Morsi says Egypt only has 80 percent of its electricity needs met and that its turbines are outdated”. “We have A REAL ENERGY PROBLEM in Egypt” that Morsy is doing NOTHING to fix.

“The outages have come to symbolize the DISORDER of the post-Mubarak era”. This clearly is NOT what the Egyptian people bargained for: replacing a dictator with “disorder”So there has been NO IMPROVEMENT.

 According to Saber Mohammed Saber, a 30-year-old chauffeur, “It certainly is STATE MISMANAGEMENT“, the latest example of “state mismanagement”. “This DIDN’T happen in the time of Hosni Mubarak”Saber is also NOSTALGIC for Mubarak.

“Amir el-Deeb, 29, who lives in the POOR Boulaq el-Dakrour district of Giza near Cairo, says lights go out FIVE times a day there. He is particularly concerned because the Muslim holy month of Ramadan begins in July and those who observe the daytime fast often stay up late at night for prayers and meals”. Again, POOR people will be affected the most by government inaction or in this case, INEPTITUDEAlso, again, “lights go out five times” sounds like something that GIGI IBRAHIM (gsquare86) experienced or is still experiencing now.

“The government has urged citizens to reduce electricity use during the summer. Last year (2012), Prime Minister Hesham Kandil was mocked for advising citizens to gather at home in one room and wear cotton as a way to cut down on air conditioning use. Political satirists dubbed him “Hesham Cottonil, referring to one of Egypt’s largest UNDEGARMENT manufacturers”.

“Many said Kandil’s comments revealed that Morsi’s (Morsy’s) government does not have concrete solutions to the power crisis, which has been politicized by opposition groups who say the government is failing to provide BASIC services”. ELECTRICITY is one of these “basic services”.

“The Egyptian Social Democratic Party, for example, last week launched an initiative to allow students to study in their offices nationwide under battery-powered lights”.

“Mahmoud Ramzy of the party says Morsi’s (Morsy’s) government is approaching the problem in the same manner as Mubarak did, leavingTHE CITIZEN to bear EVERYTHINGThis is a problem, because, at some point, the citizen will feel that he is THE CITIZEN and that THERE IS NO INSTITUTION OR ANYBODY ABOVE HIM“. This is another indication that Egypt is spiraling towards COMPLETE ANARCHY/TOTAL COLLAPSE.

“Some are already refusing to pay electricity bills to protest the outages”.

“Omar Wally, a founder of a campaign on Facebook to boycott paying electricity bills, says Morsi (Morsy) has been in power for almost a year and THE PROBLEM APPEARS TO HAVE WORSENED”, which, again, is NOT good. “The state MUST PROVIDE US WITH A SERVICE IF it wants us to pay. If there is no service, we WILL NOT pay”. Again THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE. This also happens often in CHINA where people have been forced to pay for poor “service” or NO “service” at all.

“Electricity Ministry spokesman Aktham Mohamed Abou El-Ela told The Associated Press that the government has earmarked $200 million to be used by the Oil Ministry to buy fuel for power stations”. This is just another person under MORSY’s influence/controlSpokespeople are MECHANICAL.

“The government is vying for a $4.8 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as one way to boost its foreign currency reserves, which have plummeted to $14.4 billion since the uprising. The reserves help pay for fuel subsidies that keep electricity bills relatively affordable”.

“But more money would still NOT immediately solve THE SHORTFALL of about 3,000 to 4,000 megawatts”.

Finally, “Mohab Helmy, a 21-year-old student who lives on the outskirts of Cairo, says THE RANDOMNESS of the outages is what IRKS him the most“. It’s NOT as if we need any more “irked” or ANNOYED people in society nowadays“Lebanon, for example, tells residents and businesses ahead of time when electricity will be cut”. “Why don’t they publicize a schedule of the cuts so we can be prepared when they comeThen we could either SLEEP or GO OUT“. THIS MAN HAS A PLAN

To conclude, it’s NOT as if Egypt needs any more “woes”. We can live without certain luxuriesbut not without NECESSITIES such as electricityThis is the latest/yet another indication that MORSY HAS DONE/IS DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to improve people’s livelihoods.


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