The title of a recently released Fox News article is “FRICTION between McCain, Paul underscores (the) DIVIDE within Republican Party” (Web-site/URL:

“Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and Arizona Sen. John McCain are once again BANGING HEADS – this time over whether to arm Syrian rebels – in the latest dispute that underscores A DIVIDE in the GOP and intensifies the fight over what the party will represent in 2016 and beyond”. PAUL is mulling a WHITE HOUSE bid in 2016 while McCain’s political will most likely be over by thenMcCain will be 80 in 2016 so he will most likely want to spend more time with his grandchildren (Web-site/URL:

“Paul, a first-term senator and TEA PARTY favorite surging in popularity, took the latest shot by OPPOSING aid to the rebels – a key part of McCain’s plan to end the two-year Syrian civil war in which 70,000 civilians and others have been KILLED“. As we know “Tea Party” members are EXTREME and McCain is one of the most PRO-WAR senators of our time

“in an opinion piece earlier this week”, Paul wrote: “It is very clear that any attempt to aid the Syrian rebels would be COMPLICATED and DANGEROUS, precisely because WE DON’T KNOW WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE”. Many of these “rebels” are members of known terrorist organizations such as HEZBOLLAH. “The situation in Syria is certainly DIRE obviously”. … “Al Qaeda is making confirmed inroads into the country. No one wants to see Syria become A BASTION OF EXTREMISM” again obviously. “But like other American interventions in the past, U.S. involvement could actually HELP the extremists”. This, of course, is a HUGE concernSoRAND Paul is now ANTI-war just like his fatherRON Paul was during his time in the House and during his (Ron Paul’s) brief  presidential campaign back in 2008.

“But McCain, fresh off a SECRET trip to Syria, on Friday (May 31, 2013) UPPED HIS CALL for intervention — telling the Associated Press (that) the opposition NEEDS HEAVY WEAPONS” AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL:

“McCain and Paul split last month (May, 2013) as members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee when McCain, elected to Congress (The House Of Representatives) in 1983, voted IN FAVOR OF the Syria Transition Act, which calls for “LIMITED lethal and non-lethal assistance and training to VETTED Syrian groups”. We need to note TWO things hereFirst, how much is “limited?” On top of this, we must note “vetted Syrian groups”just like McCain DIDN’T “vet” his choice of the ridiculous clown SARAH PALIN as his running mate in 2008Palin was THE MAIN reason McCain lost that election.

“Paul voted AGAINST the bill and warned in his op-ed Thursday (May 31, 2013)  on CNN that the U.S. now “has reason to believe” that Libyan rebels who helped overthrow dictator Moammar Gadhafi and whom McCain appeared to supported in 2011 were in fact connected to al Qaeda and other Islamic extremists. The bill passed by a 13-5 vote”, COMFORTABLE margin

“Meanwhile, House Speaker John Boehner continues to struggle with a STRONG-MINDED conservative caucus for control of the chamber. Caucus members have not supported Boehner on several key issues including his own plan to keep the country from going over the so-called “fiscal cliff“.

“Boehner was forced in December (2012) to pull his bill from a floor vote at the last minute upon realizing he didn’t have the votes”.

According to Rep. Mike Kelly, “What are you guys doingHOW THE HELL CAN YOU DO THIS TO THE SPEAKER?” We should respond to Kelly using one of FRANK BARONE‘s quotes: “Hey, don’t get overheated”Boehner is certainly NOT a saint.

Finally, Paul, “(speaking) at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)”, finished off: “The GOP has grown STALE and MOSS COVERED. I DON’T think we need to name any names, do we?” This is what POLITICIANS do: BLAME AND CRITICIZE (Web-site/URL:

This conclusion is easy: there will always be “friction” between POLITICIANS.


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