The title of a recently released Al-Jazeera article is “Syrian rebels urge GLOBAL MILITARY ACTION” (Web-site/URL:

“Syria’s opposition leader has said he WILL NOT attend planned US and Russian-backed peace talks in Geneva as he urged the world to act over the conflict”. The US and RUSSIA are now on THE SAME side in the Syrian civil war? THIS IS INCONCEIVABLE/HIGHLY UNLIKELY.

“George Sabra, the acting president of the Syrian National Coalition (SNC), said at a media conference in Istanbul on Saturday (June 8, 2013) that the opposition needed MILITARY ASSISTANCE, NOT (more) TALKS“. “Now ISN’T the time to be thinking about international conferences“. Syrian rebel leaders seem to be LOSING PATIENCEbut we can understand because the rebels need help, not LIP SERVICE“Iran is working to TRANSFORM OUR REGION INTO WARRING GROUPS” which would lead to EVEN MORE CHAOS. “We have been warning the entire world of the gravity of the deployment of HEZBOLLAH militias on Syria’s home soil“. Again, this is a HUGE concern, because as we knowHezbollah is A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION

 Finally, (speaking about) the UN Security Councilthe SNC finished off: “The Syrian Coalition also reiterates its APPEAL TO the international community to quickly pass and adopt a binding resolution through the UNSC to implement practical steps to end the bloodshed, establish humanitarian corridors for aid in affected areas and to support the revolution and end the ongoing violence in Syria”



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