More Violence In SYRIA (June 11, 2013): Al-Jazeera

The title of a recently released Al-Jazeera article is “Deadly blasts shake Syrian capital (Damascus)” (Web-site/URL:

PRO-GOVERNMENT TV says at least 14 killed in attacks, as Gulf states pledge sanctions against Hezbollah”, which, again, of course, as we know, is A TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONAlso, once againas we know, “pro-government TV” is nothing other than PROPAGANDA.

“Two suicide bombers have struck the heart of the Syrian capital Damascus, killing at least 14 people and wounding at least 31 others, PRO-GOVERNMENT television channel al-Ikhbariya has reported”.

“Activists said one of the explosions took place inside a police station and that many among the dead were POLICEMEN“. Againit’s unclear IF we can trust the “police” in ANY of these Arab revolutions. .

“A security official quoted by al-Ikhbariya said the suicide bombers struck near a police station in the bustling Marjeh Square in the heart of the capital”. Marjeh Square in Syria is becoming iconic, just like PEARL Square in BAHRAIN, CHANGE Square in YEMEN and of courseTAHRIR Square in CAIRO, EGYPT.


On Tuesday morning (June 11, 2013), the broadcaster said: “Two suicide bombers attacked Marjeh Square causing casualties and material damage“.


According to a television presenter, “It seems THE TERRORISTS have struck again“. Again, of course, as we know, Assad calls anyone who disagrees with him a “terrorist”.


“Meanwhile, in Aleppo province, the army launched multiple attacks on rebel positions, including rebel-held areas of the key Minnigh military airbase, the Observatory (the Syrian Observatory For Human Rights) said”. “Parts of Minnigh military airbase were shelled by regime forces… REBELS are in control of large swathes of the airbase”. ARE THEY? Again, this is open to INTERPRETATIONS (Web-site/URL:


Finally, “The six Sunni-led members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) issued a condemnation on Monday (June 10, 2013), according to a statement from the GCC secretariat carried by the Saudi Press Agency“. “The GCC ministerial council has decided to TAKE MEASURES AGAINST those enlisted in the party [Hezbollah] residing in the member states, whether with regard to their residencies or their financial and commercial dealings“. What are these “measures?” Once again, THERE ARE NO SPECIFICS.

So, the situation in Syria is still AWFUL, with each side “blaming” the other, with more examples of THE GOVERNMENT “blaming” the rebels for being “terrorists” or committing “terrorist acts (Web-site/URL:


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