SARAH MURNAGHAN GETS Much-Needed Lung Transplant: ABC Philadelphia

The title of a recently released ABC Philadelphia article is “Sarah Murnaghan RECOVERING after lung transplant” (Web-site/URL:

“A 10-year-old girl with cystic fibrosis was recovering from a transplant of adult lungs after a judge’s ruling expanded her options for lifesaving surgery”.

“Sarah Murnaghan underwent a six-hour surgery Wednesday (June 12, 2013) at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, a procedure her aunt said resulted because of the larger list of available organs”.

According to Sharon RuddockMurnaghan’s aunt, ”(speaking) after her niece’s surgery was completed successfully”, “It was a direct result of the ruling that allowed her to be put on the ADULT listIt WAS NOT pediatric lungsSHE WOULD NEVER HAVE GOTTEN THOSE LUNGS OTHERWISE“ and we would have been looking at A FAR BLEAKER situation.

“She said the donor lungs came through “NORMAL channels” and not through the public appeals the family made in its bid to find a compatible donor”.

“Ruddock said the family was OPTIMISTIC about Sarah’s recovery”. “IF EVERYTHING goes PERFECTLYshe COULD BE out in a couple of weeks,running down the hall. It COULD take a couple of MONTHS, it COULD take three WEEKS“If”, “could be” and “could” ARE NOT guarantees.

“The Murnaghan family noted that Sarah’s successful surgery was the result of another family’s LOSS“: ”We are ELATED this day has comeBUT we also know (that) our good news is another family’s TRAGEDYThat family made the decision to give Sarah the gift of life – and THEY ARE THE TRUE HEROES today (June 13, 2013)”.

“On Wednesday (June 12, 2013), in a posting on her Facebook page, Janet Murnaghan said she and the family were “OVERWHELMED with emotions” and thanked all her supporters. She said the donor’s family “has experienced a TREMENDOUS lossmay God grant them A PEACE THAT SURPASSES UNDERSTANDING“. This “TREMENDOUS loss” is IMPOSSIBLE TO QUANTIFY.

“Ruddock said Sarah doesn’t yet know the full extent of the impact her case has had. ”She REALLY WANTED TO Google herself the other day and we were likeNO” because this is such an EMOTIONAL topic.

Finally, according to medical ETHICIST Arthur Caplan of the NYU Langone Medical Center in New YorkMurnaghan’s family “DID HAVE a legitimate complaint” about the rule that limited her access to adult lungs” OF COURSEThis is THEIR LITTLE GIRL. “When the transplant community metthey didn’t want to change that rule without really thinking carefully about it. The appeals process that was established this week was “built onEVIDENCENOT on INFLUENCE“. “influence” is how CUI XILING got into the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) to do her PhD for EIGHT years and publishing only THREE papers during that time (Web-site/URL: Also notice ETHICISTThere are obviously MANY “ethics” questions here. He added: “In general, the road to a transplant is still to let THE SYSTEM decide who will do best with SCARCElifesaving organs. And it’s important that people understand that MONEYVISIBILITY (and) beingphotogenic (PHYSICALLY attractive) … are factors that HAVE TO BE KEPT TO A MINIMUM if we’re going to get the best use out of the SCARCE supply of donated cadaver organs“. Many people are clearly NOT happy about how Sarah was transferred to the adult organ donation list. 

Finallywe have some GOOD news, especially on the six-month anniversary of the SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL MASSACRE, even though whether or not Sarah should have received those adult lungs in the first place is still a HIGHLY EMOTIONAL and CONTROVERSIAL topic.


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