Senate Democrats Up For Re-election In 2014 SUPPORT HEALTHCARE REFORM: Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is ”2014 Senate Democrats FIRM UP health care SUPPORT (Web-site/URL:

FAR FROM reversing courseSenate Democrats who backed President Barack Obama’s health care law and now face re-election in GOP-leaning states are firming up their support for the overhaul even as Republican criticism intensifies”. Well Republicans ALWAYS “criticize”IT’S JUST THEIR WAYespecially with most “Blue Dog” Democrats now gone.

“Mark Begich of AlaskaMark Pryor of ArkansasMary Landrieu of Louisiana and Kay Hagan of North Carolina will face voters in 2014 for the first time since voting for the Affordable Care Act — also known as “Obamacare” — three years ago”. This was signed on March 232010 (Web-site/URL: Also, ”Obamacare” is the DEROGATORY term for healthcare reformOn top of this, THREE names are SURPRISING here. Begich is from SARAH PALIN’s home state and we know Palin is full of ANTICS. Mark Pryor is from BLANCHE LINCOLN’s home state and as we know, Lincoln is the architect of the “I don’t even know what the bill is gonna be” nonsense IN HER RE-ELECTION BID in 2010 (Web-site/URL: and LOST. The final point to make about these senators is KAY HAGAN still supports healthcare reform and this state became split (1 Democrat 1 Republican) when RICHARD BURR defeated JOHN EDWARDS in the 2004 SENATE election (Web-site/URL: ”They AREN’T apologizing for their vote and several are pursuing an AGGRESSIVE strategy: EMBRACE the lawHELP voters use it and FIX what DOESN’T work“. This should be the approach ALL the time.

According to Begich, “DON’T RUN FROM MY VOTESPoliticians who SIT AROUND and say, ‘That’s controversial so I BETTER RUN FROM IT‘, just ask for trouble” like BLANCHE LINCOLN (Web-site/URL: ”Voters may not always agree with youbut they respect people who THINK ABOUT these issues and TALK ABOUT THEM“ and don’t just flip-flop for POLITICAL gain.  ”There’s a lot of GOOD that people will realize as this all comes online“. This is how we should approach life: in a POSITIVE manner.

Republican-aligned outside group already has aired a TV ad in Arkansas deriding Pryor as “the deciding vote for Obamacare” — a label Republicans can apply to any Democrat since the bill passed with the exact number of votes necessary to avoid a GOP filibuster. The North Carolina GOP regularly HAMMERS Hagan on her choice”. “hammers” is the latest/another example of “Blaming and criticizing” (Web-site/URL: ”And Louisiana Republicans recently tried to link Landrieu to comments from the stateDemocratic Party chairwoman, who suggested that opposition to Obama’s law stems from the fact the president is BLACKThis is RACIST

According to Brad Dayspring, a spokesman for the national GOP’s Senate campaign arm (RSCC)”, “It’s NOT accidental that President Obama scheduled the most popular provisions to be in effect for HIS election year (2012). He’s left a lot of 2014 Democrats HANGING OUT TO DRY with the UNPOPULAR provisions“. Taking care of people should be COMPLETELY APOLITICALDayspringwho is also a spokesman for House Majority Leader ERIC CANTORis A DISGRACE.

“Democrats say Republicans need Obama’s health care overhaul only to rally their core supporters, who are particularly important in midterm elections in which the electorate typically is OLDERWHITER and MORE CONSERVATIVE“.

“Dayspring said the issue wins INDEPENDENTS, a key group.

“John Anzalone, a Democratic campaign consultant and pollster, retorted: “What happens when the boogeyman that’s promised never comes?”

“The law, Begich notes, established long-term coverage plans for Native Americans”. “That’s important to Alaska” and lingered in Congress fortwo decades before finding a place in the act”, No surprise there since Congress always DRAGS ITS FEET.

Finally, “Arkansas Republican strategist Alice Stewart acknowledged that her party has had only mixed success using health care as a national issue, but she said Pryor’s eventual GOP opponent can make it resonate”. “It’s NOT just a generic criticism of ObamacareThis is part of explaining that Mark Pryor goes to Washington and DOESN’T REPRESENT THE VALUES OF THISCONSERVATIVE STATE“. Againbeing TOO “conservative” IS NOT goodMembers of this new generation (30-35 years of age & younger) must OPEN UP and be MORE TOLERANT than our parents and grandparents were. “She recalled then-Rep. John Boozman ousting Sen. Blanche Lincoln in 2010 after her vote for the law”. “Voters here remember that going from Blanche to Sen. Boozman was an important step“. Lincoln lost because she PLAYED POLITICAL GAMES (Web-site/URL: In fact, she is still playing games now as A LOBBYISTShe sucked up to special interests as a senator and now, she REPRESENTS them (Web-site/URL: 

So, finally we have some people saying YES to an essential aspect of lifePeople’s livelihoods IS NOT something we should be playing political games withHealthcare reform is a MUST.


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