The title of a recently released ABC News article is “‘CAUTION (?) of Assault ‘ Given in Nigella Lawson Incident” (Web-site/URL:

“A 70-year-old man “VOLUNTARILY(?) walked into a London police station today (June 17, 2013) and received a caution for assault related to photos published in a British tabloid of celebrity chef Nigella Lawson  IN A PHYSICAL CONFRONTATION  WITH a man who appeared to be her husband, the art and advertising magnate Charles Saatchi, police said”.

“Earlier today (June 17, 2013), Saatchi said what went on in the photographs, which showed a man who appeared to be Saatchi holding Lawson BY THE THROAT, was the result of a “PLAYFUL TIFF (?)” between the couple”. “holding” ANYONE “by the throat” IS NOT “a “playful tiff”. Instead, it is HORRIFYINGLY VIOLENT.

Saatchi told London’s Evening Standard newspaper, WHERE HE ALSO WORKS AS A COLUMNIST“, “THERE WAS NO GRIP, it was A PLAYFUL TIFF“. NO IT WASN’TNote that Saatchi also has some INFLUENCE here as he WORKS FOR the Evening Standard. Again, this is also exactly how GAO WEI & CUI XILING got into the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK): by using INFLUENCE. “The pictures are horrific, BUT give A FAR MORE DRASTIC and VIOLENT IMPRESSION of what took place“. Saatch is clearly DEFENSIVE here (Web-site/URL: and he uses the word “but” which, of course, implies that the other person’s perspective IS NOT IMPORTANT (Web-site/URL: “Nigella’s tears were because we both hate arguing, (and) NOT because she had been hurt“. So Lawson was “NOT…hurt” after being held around THE THROAT?

“one onlooker told The Mirror“, “It was UTTERLY SHOCKING to watchI HAVE NO DOUBT she was SCARED. It was HORRIFIC, reallyobviously. “She was VERY TEARFUL and was CONSTANTLY DABBING HER EYES” AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL: 

“Saatchi told the Evening Standard that he and Lawson, who has two children from a previous marriage, were discussing the children at the time.

Finally, we have to note something in this article’s video. According to psychiatrist Dr. Janet Taylor, “Domestic violence IS NOT limited to socioeconomic status. It really speaks to the quality of the relationship (and) In no case is it acceptable for a man or a woman to put their hands on each other“. Of course we’re NOT talking about “(putting) their hands on each other” such as hugging or kissingWe’re talking about EXTREME abuse here, such as CHOKING SOMEONE BY THE THROATwhich is clearly UNACCEPTABLE/OUT OF BOUNDS.

We can make TWO conclusions hereFirst, what Charles Saatchi to Nigella Lawson is AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACESecondlyagain this puts the spotlight on women who want to be involved with MUCH older men. In this caseNigella Lawson is 53 (Web-site/URL:, but Saatchi is 70 (Web-site/URL: OK this is a SECOND marriage, but this is also especially true in THE PHILIPPINESwhere for examplesome 21-year-old women are looking for men around the age of 40Seems like the perfect setup for ABUSE/an ABUSIVE relationship in which the man DOMINATES the femaleLooking for FRIENDS and DATES should be COMPLETELY different from looking for FATHER FIGURES.


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