The title of a recently released Fox News article is “Administration seeks help from LIBRARIES (and the) NFL to promote OBAMACARE” (Web-site/URL: “Obamacare”, of course, is the DEROGATORY term for HEALTHCARE REFORM.

“The administration has launched a full court press, seeking help from ANY and EVERYONE to promote ObamaCare”.

According to Jim Capretta of the American Enterprise Institute, “I THINK they’re (healthcare reform supporters) BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE HERE“. This is CAPRETTA‘s INTERPRETATION (Web-site/URL: The time is very short, they’re trying to take the health care law, ObamaCare, mainstream by ANY means possible”

“Jackie Garner, the ranking official from the Health and Human Services Department in Chicago, says “Libraries are where everyone goes to ASK QUESTIONS and FIND ANSWERSabout HEALTHCARE REFORM.

“Ruth Holst, with the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, adds “We know that libraries have become the hub in many communities for people who need info about the Affordable Care Act”.
“Rich Galen, a Republican analyst,  says sports leagues are better off focusing on team loyalties rather than political loyalties —  especially with the new law remaining widely unpopular”. “This is a HIGHLY CHARGED politcal subject (obviously) and I think everybody needs to STAY IN THEIR LANE. And the NFL AGREED that that was a GOOD idea“. FINALLY, we have some “agreement”.

“In fact, the NFL made clear they would not be promoting the health care law, saying in a statement that “we currently have NO PLANS to engage in this area and have had NO substantive contact with the administration”  about the law’s implementation”. Yet Republicans still seem to be ANGRY at the NFL for some odd/unknown reason.

Finally, Capretta finished off: “If you’re using social media to try to say get out and vote for the president, they can do that WITHOUT COSTING THEM A LOT OF MONEY. But in this particular case, they’re saying, hey, come out and sign up for health insurance and by the way, it’s going to cost you $100 dollars a month, IT’S A DIFFERENT STORY ALTOGETHERobviously.

To conclude, let’s return once again to the title: “Administration seeks help from librarians, NFL to promote OBAMACARE. This is yet another EASY conclusion because as soon as we see “Obamacare”we know that it’s most likely from the GOP-leaning Fox News.

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