ARMY Back In Control In EGYPT: Fox

The title of a recently released Fox News article is “Egypt’s chief justice sworn in as INTERIM president after Morsi’s (Morsy’s) ouster” (Web-site/URL:

“The supreme justice of Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court was sworn in Thursday (July 6 2013) as the country’s interim president after Mohammed Morsi (Morsy), the country’s first DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED president, was ousted and reportedly placed in police custody”. This is the first indication that democracy IS NOT working too well in Egypt right now.

“Adly Mansour was sworn in at the Constitutional Court in a ceremony broadcast live on STATE television. Mansour will serve as Egypt’s interim leader UNTIL A NEW PRESIDENT IS ELECTED. A DATE FOR THE VOTE HAS YET TO BE SET“. There are THREE things to note hereFirst, Egypt is supposedly moving TOWARDS democracy and there is still ” STATE television?” THAT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSESecondly notice “until a new president is elected”. WHEN THAT WILL BE IS ANYONE’S GUESSOn top of this “a date for the vote has yet to be set” AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL:

“Morsi (Morsy) was ousted in what was described by the presidential palace as a COMPLETE MILITARY COUP“, a “coup” that he DID NOT have time to prepare for.

“The White House has not labeled Morsi (Morsy) ouster a a coup. Doing so would have US AID IMPLICATIONS” and these “implications” are problematic because the United States has DEBT, DEFICIT and SPENDING problems, which Fox News is keen to emphasize as Fox News is a GOP-leaning channel.

“The leader of Egypt’s military ousted Morsi (Morsy) from office and replaced him with Mansour late Wednesday evening (July 3, 2013). The presidential palace immediately branded the move a COMPLETE MILITARY COUP“.

“A ranking officer in Egypt’s military described the scene to The New York Times. He said, “We are DISCIPLINED and WE HAVE THE WEAPONS. That’s what’s on the market right now. Do you see any other solid institution on the scene?” There are NO “other solid institutions on the scene” because THEY’VE BEEN BANNED BY SCAF. IT’S THAT SIMPLE.
“In his first remarks, Mansour praised the massive street demonstrations that led to Morsi’s (Morsy’s) ouster. He also hailed the youth behind the protests that began on June 30 (2013), saying they embodied “THE NATION’S CONSCIENCE (?), its AMBITIONS and HOPES“.
“In Washington, President Obama issued a statement Wednesday night (July 3, 2013) saying the administration was “DEEPLY concerned” by the decision to remove Morsi (Morsy) and urged the military to avoid “any arbitrary arrests” of the president and his supporters”. Again, there are TWO things to note hereFirst, the US is “deeply concerned” over what’s happening in Egypt right nowbut it is unable to do anything about it because once againas we knowthe US has been EXTREMELY UNPOPULAR in the Middle East for along time nowOn top of thisTHE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD has also carried out “arbitrary arrests”.
“Obama also said in light of Morsi’s (Morsy’s) ouster he had “directed the relevant departments and agencies to review the implications under U.S. law for our assistance to the government of Egypt” again obviously. There shouldn’t be any support for TYRANTS.
“Millions of ANTI-Morsi protesters in Tahrir Square and around the country erupted in cheers at the news of Morsi’s ouster, setting off fireworks and shouting “God is great” and “LONG LIVE Egypt”.

Finally, “Morsi said on his presidential Facebook page that the military’s action “represents a military coup and IT IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE“. Like Obama, Morsy seems to be POWERLESS to do anything about recent events.
So, THE ARMY/MILITARY is back in control in Egypt. For those Egyptians yearning for a western style democracy, this is A HUGE STEP IN THE WRONG DIRECTION/BACKWARDS.

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