The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “CRASH landing at San Francisco Airport (SFO) KILLS 2″ (Web-site/URL: http://news.yahoo.com/crash-landing-san-francisco-airport-kills-2-033922344.html).

“An Asiana Airlines flight PACKED with more than 300 people SLAMMED INTO THE RUNWAY while landing at San Francisco Airport (SFO) Saturday (July 6, 2013) and CAUGHT FIRE, forcing many to escape by sliding down the emergency inflatable slides FLAMES TORE THROUGH THE PLANE“. “slammed into the runway”, “caught fire” and “flames tore through the plane” are clearly/obviously VERY FRIGHTENING. This should reinforce the importance of watching the safety video on board each flight because it is impossible to predict EVERYTHING that MIGHT/COULD occur.

“At least TWO people DIED in the crash, while another 181 people were taken to hospitals, most with minor injuries, authorities said. Five people, including one CHILD, remained in CRITICAL condition at San Francisco General Hospital, the region’s main trauma center”.

“As the plane approached the runway from the waters of San Francisco Bay around noon, travelers in the terminals and others eyewitnesses could see that the aircraft was SWAYING UNUSUALLY FROM SIDE TO SIDE and that at one point, THE TAIL SEEMED TO HIT THE GROUND“.

“Kate Belding, who was jogging a few miles away, said she thought: “OH MY GOD. THAT PLANE IS CRASHING“. This is a statement of SHEER HORROR/FRIGHT. “”It just looked REALLY BAD. I’ve seen the pictures of it since then and IT’S AMAZING (how/that) ANYONE walked out of that planeobviously.

“Vedpal Singh, who was sitting in the middle of the aircraft and survived the crash with his family, said THERE WAS NO FOREWARNING from the pilot or any crew members before the plane THE PLANE TOUCHED DOWN HARD and HE HEARD A LOUD SOUND“. OK people may not be able to tell if “the plane touched hard”, but “he heard a loud sound” surely is SCARY.

More specifically, Singh, “who suffered a fractured collarbone and had his arm in a sling”, said: “We knew something was HORRIBLY wrong. IT’S MIRACULOUS we survived” again obviously

A VISIBLY SHAKEN Singh said THE PLANE WENT SILENT before people tried to get out any way they could. His 15-year-old son said LUGGAGE TUMBLED FROM THE OVERHEAD BINS. The entire incident lasted about 10 seconds” but it was 10 seconds of SHEER HORROR.

“Belding was out jogging just before 11:30 a.m. on a path across the water from the airport when she noticed the plane approaching the runway in a way that “JUST DIDN’T LOOK LIKE IT WAS COMING IN QUITE RIGHT. Then all of a sudden, I saw what looked like A CLOUD OF DIRT PUFFING UP and then there was A BIG BANG and it kind of looked like the plane maybe BOUNCED (as it neared the ground)”. Again, that’s VERY FRIGHTENING. “NOT like it was cartwheeling“, “but rather as though the wings were almost SWAYING FROM SIDE TO SIDE“.

“Bill Waldock, an expert on aviation accident investigation and director of the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University accident investigation laboratory in Prescott, Ariz., said he was reminded of the Heathrow accident as he watched video of Saturday’s (July 6, 2013) crash”. “Of course, there is no indication directly that’s what happened hereThat’s what the investigation is going to have to find out“. “The Asiana 777was right at the landing phase and FOR WHATEVER REASON, the landing went wrong“. THEY’RE STILL TRYING TO FIGURE OUT this “reason”. “For whatever reasonTHEY APPEARED TO GO LOW ON APPROACH and then THE AIRPLANE PITCHED UP TO AN EXTREME ALTITUDE, which could have been the pilots TRYING to keep it out of the ground“, WITHOUT SUCCESS.

Finally, “Finding enough experienced pilots to meet a growing number of flights is becoming a problem. A 2012 report by aircraft manufacturer Boeing said the industry would need 460,000 new commercial airline pilots in the next two decades — with 185,000 of them needed in Asia alone”.

The Asia-Pacific region continues to present the largest projected growth in pilot demand“.

So, we have the latest SCARE in the aviation industry.


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