More Violence In EGYPT (July 9, 2013): MSNBC

The title of a recently released MSNBC article is “51 DEAD, 435 hurt in CLASHES near PRO-Morsi sit-in” ((Web-site/URL:

“At least 51 people were killed and 435 injured in clashes early Monday (July 8, 2013) near the Republican Guard headquarters in the Egyptian capital, the Ministry of Health said”. “The Ministry of Health”, of course, is now controlled by SCAF now that the Muslim Brotherhood is out, or at least, the minority party now, so of course this is SCAF‘s INTERPRETATION (Web-site/URL:

“At a news conference, Colonel Ahmad Mohammad Ali, a spokesman for the Egyptian military, BLAMED the protesters, saying they had attacked police who were “securing the area“. This is the latest example of “Blaming and criticizing” (Web-site/URL: “They were ON TOP OF BUILDINGS…they either FIRED or THREW THINGS DOWN“, “adding that there had been 42 soldiers injured, EIGHT of whom were in a CRITICAL condition“. “They were FIRING LIVE AMMUNITION and the military had to DEFEND itself”. This statement is DEFENSIVE (Web-site/URL:

“A statement by the Brotherhood-linked FREEDOM and JUSTICE (?) Party said more than 53 had been KILLED and 1,000 injured“. This is something that BEL TREW covered (Web-site/URL: THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD is a symbol of/represents “freedom and justice?” THIS IS A JOKE.

“In a statement on its website”, the Brotherhood said: “Early on Monday (July 8, 2013), supporters of the LEGITIMATELY (?) elected President Mohammed Morsi (Morsy) performing the dawn prayer outside the Republican Guard headquarters were MASSACRED with heavy gunfire, live bullets, BIRDSHOT and tear gas“. “birdshot” was obviously the most significant weapon used here (i.e. the weapon used that could cause THE MOST SIGNIFICANT damage). This is also something that BEL reported on/covered (Web-site/URL:

“Witness Al-Shaimaa Younes, who was at the sit-in, told The Associated Press that troops and police forces opened fire on the protesters during EARLY MORNING PRAYERS “. Like GANGS and TERRORISTS, these “troops and police” attacked LARGE GATHERINGS.
They OPENED FIRE WITH LIVE AMMUNITION and LOBBED TEAR GAS (canisters)“. These are OLD tactics used by dictators in VIOLENT crackdowns. “There was PANIC and people started RUNNING. I saw people FALL“. This is something that GIGI IBRAHIM (gsquare86) went through/experienced: “I was running for my life (Web-site/URL:

“Abdul Baset Mohammed, 38, said he was part of the group praying near the Republican Guard headquarters where the shooting happened”. Mohammed told NBC: “The shooting was FROM THE BACK”, adding that those responsible were “army snipers” shooting from rooftops. NBC News could not verify his account of the events”. “The shooting was from THE BACK” is GRUESOME, because when people are attacked “from the back”THEY HAVE NO WAY TO PROTECT THEMSELVES/THEY ARE DEFENSELESS. WE pay for THEIR (i.e. the army’s)  FOOD and THEIR water from OUR MONEY”. Mohammed must be a TAXPAYER. “They should point their bullets at Israel, not at usOur demonstrations are ALWAYS (?) peaceful“. Considering that this is EGYPT, THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE.

“(On Twitter) Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu also condemned Monday’s incident as a “massacre“, Reuters reported”. THIS IS OBVIOUSLY “a “massacre”. “I STRONGLY CONDEMN the massacre that took place in Egypt at morning prayer in the name of THE FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN VALUES which we have been advocating“. Do “fundamental human values” exist in EGYPT

“British Foreign Minister William Hague issued a statement condemning “the violence that led to the deaths of over 40 people during demonstrations in Egypt overnight“. “He also called for THE RELEASE OF DETAINED POLITICAL LEADERS AND JOURNALISTS“. “Political” freedom and freedom of thought, expression and the press simply DON’T EXIST in many Middle Eastern countries, CHINA and NORTH KOREA.


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