ProtestS Against The GEORGE ZIMMERMAN Verdict Across The United States: Reuters

The title of a recently released Reuters article is “Thousands protest Zimmerman verdict across (the) US” (Web-site/URL:

“Thousands of demonstrators demanding “JUSTICE for Trayvon” marched in major cities across the United States on Sunday (July 14 2013) to protest the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of UNARMED BLACK teenager Trayvon Martin”. There are THREE things to note hereFirst, what does “Justice for Trayvon” look like if he’s DEAD? Secondly, Martin was “unarmed” which in turn implies that he was DEFENSELESS.  On top of this, notice “black”. So, once again, we have a RACE issue. .

“While a jury of six WOMEN ABSOLVED Zimmerman of ANY crime with their not-guilty verdict, civil rights leaders DECRIED the decision and demonstrators took to the streets in New York, Boston, San Francisco and other cities”. Again, there are THREE things to note here. First, notice that this jury only had “six WOMEN. a jury USUALLY has 13 members and NOT all of them are a single gender, so perhaps that was a factor. Secondly, “decried” is the latest/yet another example of “Blaming and Criticizing” (Web-site/URL: On top of this, “civil rights lawyers decried the decision” AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL:

“U.S. President Barack Obama called for a peaceful response to the case that has POLARIZED the U.S. public over the past 16 months”. Society certainly DOESN’T need to be “polarized” any more than it is already.

According to 33-year-old Angela Tovar, “an urban planner from Brooklyn”,.“Trayvon was (racially) PROFILED, pursued and ultimately killed because of THE COLOR OF HIS SKINWOW“racially profiled” is a DRASTIC charge.

“In Boston, about 500 racially mixed protesters left their demonstration site in the Roxbury neighborhood and started marching in the streets alongside police escorts on motorcycles and on foot. Police called the march “very orderly“. Yeah OK THAT “march march was “very orderly”. We can only HOPE that this remains the case.

According to 57-year-old Maura Twomey, an acupuncturist, “MORALLY IT CANNOT BE RIGHT, that A CHILD cannot go about his business and GO TO THE STORE“. Sadly/Unfortunately, some people DON’T HAVE “morals” and yes we’re including people who FORCE others to be and think like them (Web-site/URL: “Racism IS NOT just an issue for the black community. IT’S FOR ALL OF US“. Well in the United States, it’s “for the black community”, but IT WILL TAKE ALL OF US TO ERADICATE/ELIMINATE THIS PROBLEM.

“Demonstrators raised signs saying “WE DEMAND JUSTICE, “Stop RACIAL PROFILING” and “Never Forget. Never Again. JUSTICE for Trayvon”. Again, how can there be/what is “justice” when THE MAN IS DEAD?

“Roughly 500 people rallied on the streets of San Francisco, some carrying yellow signs with Martin’s photo. About a dozen police motorcycles and vans trailed the tidy group of marchers, who banged on drums as they walked and continuously chanted, “JUSTICE for Trayvon Martin”. What does “justice for Trayvon Martin” look like if Trayvon Martin is DEAD?

Finally, according to Naomi White,  “a retired teacher from San Francisco”, “I feel A MORAL OBLIGATION TO BE IN THE STREET and object to this kind of RACIST policy. George Zimmerman GOT AWAY WITH MURDER“. THIS IS THE TRUTH. Also, notice “I feel a moral obligation to be in the street” which again sounds like GIGI IBRAHIM (gsquare86).

To conclude, let’s return once again to the title: “Thousands protest Zimmerman verdict across (the) US” and THERE WILL SURELY BE MANY MORE “protests” to come.


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