The title of a recently released CNN article is “Purported letter from (the) Taliban to Malala Yousafzai: WHY WE SHOT YOU” (Web-site/URL:

“In a letter to a Pakistani schoolgirl shot in the head on her way home from school, a senior Taliban commander purportedly tells her that she was targeted NOT because she advocated education for all girls, but rather for HER CRITICISM OF THE MILITANT GROUP“.

“The letter attributed to Adnan Rashid was released just days after 16-year-old Malala Yousafzai took the stage at the United Nations, where she delivered an emotional plea for the right to go to school on behalf of all children”.

According to the letter, “which was dated Monday (July 15, 2013) and released to CNN by a Pakistan intelligence source”, “The Taliban believe you (Malala) were INTENTIONALLY writing against them and RUNNING A SMEAR CAMPAIGN to malign their effort to establish an Islamic system in (the) Swat Valley and your writings were PROVOCATIVE“. Just like NORTH KOREA and MAINLAND CHINAtell us what’s NOT “a smear campaign” and what ISN’T “provocative”.

“In the letter, Rashid said he was writing — NOT (?) as a Taliban leader — to say he was SHOCKED (?) by the shooting and to express his REGRET (?) that he did not warn Malala ahead of time of the attack”. There are TWO things to note hereFirst the fact of the matter is Adnan Rashid IS “a Taliban leader”. Next THE TALIBAN would never “express…shock” or “regret”  over ATTEMPTING TO KILL SOMEONE THEY DISAGREE WITH because, as we know, the Taliban achieve their aims and TWISTED ideals through VIOLENCE.

“The letter went on to say that the Taliban supports the education of women, as long as it adheres to Islamic law”, the TWISTED version.

“He urged her, according to the letter, to return to Pakistan and “use your pen for Islam and the plight of the Muslim community“. Malala can “use (her) pen for Islam” IN THE UK. Why would she “return to Pakistan?” TO GET TARGETED OR KILLEDTHAT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE.

Finally, “Gordon Brown, the U.N. special envoy on global education, BLASTED Rashid’s letter”. “blasted” is the latest/yet another example of “Blaming and criticizing” (Web-site/URL:

“In a statement released Wednesday (July 17, 2013)”, Brown said:NOBODY will believe a word the Taliban says about the right of girls like Malala to go to school until they STOP BURNING DOWN SCHOOLS and STOP MASSACRING PUPILS“, especially/specifically GIRLS for going to school or, like Malala, even for WANTING to go to school.

These are just/simply the latest Taliban ANTICS. They have NO compassion. NONE.

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