SHANDONG Man Tries To Set Off Bomb At BEIJING Airport: Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Bomb detonated at Beijing airport; 1 (THE BOMBER HIMSELF) injured” (Web-site/URL:

A man in a wheelchair who was AIRING GRIEVANCES set off a homemade bomb in a crowded terminal at Beijing’s main airport on Saturday evening (July 20, 2013), injuring himself but no one else, Chinese STATE media and witnesses said”. There are TWO things to note here. First, “airing grievances” suggests that this man was “seeking revenge” (Web-site/URL: Secondly, once again, “state media” only SPITS OUT GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA.

“Order was quickly restored and no flights were affected by the explosion at the airport’s main international terminal, STATE-RUN China Central Television (cctv) said on its microblog (Weibo)”. Again, “state-run” only spits out GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA.

“THE OFFICIAL Xinhua News Agency said a wheel-chaired Chinese man set off the device outside the arrivals exit of Terminal 3 at Beijing Capital International Airport at around 6:24 p.m. (July 20, 2013). It said the man was being treated for injuries, but that no one else was hurt in the explosion”. This man, JI ZHONGXING, deliberately chose Terminal 3 at Beijing International Airport because many INTERNATIONAL airlines operate out of that terminal of the airport and of course, as we know, terrorists want to MAXIMIZE DAMAGE/CASUALTIES.

According to a witness who gave only his family name, Chen, “The explosion sound was LOUD“. Was it SCARY? “He said he was only 25 meters (27 yards) away from the explosion when it occurred. Chen said there was only one explosion, and that the terminal was crowded with people”. “Since there was no second explosion, many people took out their phones and gathered near the explosion spot to take photos“. Chen DOESN’T seem to be scared.

Finally, “Another witness, who gave only his last name, Qing, said (fortunately) THERE WAS NO ONE around the man when he set off the bombFORTUNATELY/LUCKILY. More specifically, Qing, “who was about 60 meters (66 yards) away from the explosion”, said: “It sounded like the sound of BIG FIRECRACKERS. We couldn’t really see what happened afterward. There was A LOT OF SMOKE and THE POLICE ARRIVED VERY FAST“. Well, “the police arrived very fast” because PEOPLE ARE ON EDGE/NERVOUS.

So, TERRORISTS ARE STRIKING or at least LICKING THEIR CHOPS AGAIN. Now, CHINA is/seems to be on edge.



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