The title of a recently released CNN article is “Authorities work to identify East CLEVELAND victims as suspect is charged” (Web-site/URL:

“A man who police say might have looked to the work of an infamous Cleveland serial killer for his inspiration was formally charged Monday in the deaths of three women  over the weekend, two of which are still unidentified”.

“Michael Madison, 35, was ordered held on $6 million bond after authorities filed three counts of AGGRAVATED MURDER and three counts of KIDNAPPING against him”. “aggravated murder” and “kidnapping” are SERIOUS charges.

“The bodies were found within a few blocks from each other in East Cleveland over the weekend. The first victim was found Friday (July 19, 2013)  in the garage leased by Madison. She was NAKED with signs of TRAUMA, police said”. “naked with signs of trauma” is GRUESOME/BRUTAL/HORRIFYING.

“Two other bodies were found Saturday (July 20, 2013)one in AN ABANDONED HOUSE, the other in A NEARBY FIELD. One of those women was wearing a green hoodie, and the other was wearing a leopard-print leotard”. These “bodies” were obviously DUMPED “in an abandoned house” and “in a nearby field” respectively. Again, this is HORRIFYING/EXTREMELY UNSETTLING. .

“All three victims appear to be young black women”,. suggesting that these women were TARGETED. “Their DECOMPOSED bodies were WRAPPED similarly in PLASTIC GARBAGE BAGS and TAPED UP, authorities said”. Again,“decomposed bodies…wrapped in plastic garbage bags and taped up is GRUESOME/HORRIFYING.

“Mayor Gary Norton believes the killings happened over a 10-day period and that the same assailant is responsible”.

“Norton identified one of the women, previously known as Victim No. 2, as Angela Deskins, 38, of Cleveland”. “This is AN ONGOING INVESTIGATION (and so) WE ARE NOWHERE NEAR DONE“.

“Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner Thomas Gilson pleaded with help from the public to identify the other women, one of whom had several tattoos, including two featuring the name “Gene“. Their identification could take days, he said”, AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL:

“East Cleveland police Chief Ralph Spotts declined to answer questions about the case”. “This is AN ONGOING INVESTIGATION (and) WE ARE NOWHERE NEAR DONE“.

“Madison might have been influenced by serial killer Anthony Sowell, who was sentenced to death  in 2011 after being convicted of killing 11 women in Cuyahoga County, Norton said”. Being “influenced by A SERIAL KILLER” is obviously EXTREMELY DISTURBING. “(Speaking) over the weekend”, Norton said: “Unfortunately, this is A SICK INDIVIDUAL who appears to have been influenced by ANOTHER SICK INDIVIDUAL. If he had been out for one more hour, there’s no telling what WOULD HAVE happened“. Again, this is EXTREMELY unsettling.

“The trail that led to Madison’s arrest began with a foul odor coming from the garage he leased, East Cleveland police Detective Sgt. Scott Gardner said. That’s where police found the first body”.

“Authorities got a search warrant for Madison’s apartment Friday (July 19, 2013) and found “additional evidence of DECOMPOSITION” there”. Again, “decomposition” is GRUESOME.

Finally, “Shaeaun Child, a neighbor who tipped police off about the foul smell in the garage, told CNN he knows Madison. He said the two once argued over A BLOCKED DRIVEWAY“, like SUPER-traditional CHINESE people who can’t let minor issues go.“From what I know, he was an OK person WHEN I FIRST MET HIM. And then FROM THERE (or OUT OF NOWHERE), he actually, he had A LOT OF CONFLICTS with different girls he knewWhen he got REAL UPSET with someone, he’d get REAL LOUD. You could hear him like TWO BLOCKS away”.

This should remind us of ARIEL CASTRO kidnapping AMANDA BERRY, GINA DEJESUS and MICHELLE KNIGHT for over a decade. Again THIS IS HORRIFYING. As KEVIN POWELL would sayboth Ariel Castro and Michael Madison could be considered ALPHA males who are EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE due to THE LACK/ABSENCE OF ROLE MODELS.

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