CHINA Military “PLAYS DOWN (?) Tensions”: Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “China military puts best foot forward (and) PLAYS DOWN (?)  tensions” (Web-site/URL:

With HANDSHAKES and SMILES , China’s military put its best foot forward on Monday (July 29 2013) as it opened a SECRETIVE base to a rare visit by journalists, in an effort to ALLAY (?) Asia’s GROWING FEARS about the country’s strategic intentions”. There are THREE things to note here. First “handshakes and smiles” are examples of China’s MANIPULATION (Web-site/URL: Secondly, China ISN’T doing much IF ANYTHING “to allay Asia’s (or ANYONE‘s) GROWING fears”On top of this, “growing fears” suggest that the “force and pain technique” has been used (Web-site/URL:

“China has advertised its military ambitions with displays of new hardware, from its first test flight of a stealth fighter jet in early 2011 to its launch of a fledgling aircraft carrier – both technologies that need further years of development”.

“The moves come as China JANGLES NERVES in Asia and the United States with INCREASINGLY BOLD MOVES to ASSERT TERRITORIAL CLAIMS in the East and South China Seas”. “nerves” are “jangled in Asia and the United States” BECAUSE OF THESE “increasingly bold moves to assert territorial claims”, making this yet another/the latest example of the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL:

“But on an annual trip to a Chinese military base — this year (2013), for the first time, one outside of Beijingofficers WERE AT PAINS to show (that) they had nothing to hide and the world had nothing to fear“. These “officers were at pains to show (that) they had nothing to hide and the world had nothing to fear” because THE OPPOSITE is true. China DEFINITELY HAS SOMETHING “to hide” and “the world” DEFINITELY HAS SOMETHING (or even MUCH) “to fear” because this is another example of China using the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL:

According to Chen Xifeng, “the GRUFF commander of the base in Lintong, which is close to the northern tomb where the famed Terracotta Warriors were discovered (and) whose base houses an air defense brigade”, “China does have territorial disputes with SOME (?) neighbors, but the government and military are QUITE RESTRAINED (?) in dealing with them. As soldiers, we are happy to see the development of our military, but we LOVE PEACE EVEN MORE (?)” Again, there are THREE things to note here. SMASHING WINDOWS OF JAPANESE SHOPS AND CARS certainly DOES NOT sound like China is “restrained” or “peace-loving” (Web-site/URL: On top of this, we have our latest example of/another “gruff” or ALPHA male.

While “sweating under his tightly fitted helmet in the afternoon heat”, Hu Dan, 32, said: “IT WAS ALWAYS MY DREAM to join up. I’ve always loved my country and wanted to help DEFEND it“. Looking at this quote, we can easily write a paper entitled: Nationalism: When the ends DON’T justify the meansThe Chinese VEHEMENTLY or VIOLENTLY disagree with the Japanese GOVERNMENT. This DOES NOT give them the right to attack Japanese citizens or property. Arguments must REMAIN CIVIL. Assuming that one side (Japan) is peaceful, VIOLENCE BY THE OTHER SIDE (China) IS DEPLORABLE/UNACCEPTABLE and OUTSIDE THE BOUNDARIES OF HOW PEOPLE IN A CIVIL SOCIETY CAN EXPECT THEIR PEERS TO BEHAVE.

Finally, Geng Yansheng, “the Chinese military’s official spokesman who often appears in state media issuing missives on everything from relations with Japan to military spending, refused to talk about anything besides the day’s activities”. In fact, Geng ADMONISHED reporters”: “We can talk about all these things back in Beijing“.“admonished” is the latest example of “Blaming and Criticizing” (Web-site/URL:

“China wants to show its commitment to TRANSPARENCY (?) by arranging such visits, he (Geng) added”. Unfortunately, China still ISN’T “transparent” AT ALL.

Finally, Geng finished off: “This visit shows how OPEN (?) we are (China is)But this OPENNESS is a GRADUAL process. We will continue to do this and OPEN UP (?) more bases for visits. THIS IS A JOKE. China still ISN’T “open” AT ALL. An obvious example would be INTERNET CENSORSHIP (Web-site/URL:   This is DEFENSIVE (Web-site/URL: 

In conclusion, China ISN’T “(playing) down tensions”. Instead, it seems to be RATCHETING “tensions” UP


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