The title of a recently released Reuters article is “Egypt ALLOWS EU envoy to see deposed president” (wEB-SITE/url:

“Egypt ALLOWED Europe’s top diplomat to meet deposed Islamist President Mohamed Mursi (Morsi/Morsy) on Monday (July 29, 2013), flying her AFTER DARK to Mursi’s secret detention facility, but RULING OUT any role for him in ending the turmoil convulsing the country“. There are TWO things to note here. FirstAshton was flown to see Morsy “after dark”, again underscoring how DANGEROUS this and being a UN envoy in general isSecondly, notice “ruling out any role for him (Morsy) in ending the turmoil convulsing the country”. Well, Morsy is bad, but it’s fair to say that SCAF is EVEN WORSE.

“Catherine Ashton, the European Union’s (EU’s) foreign policy chief, became the first outsider to see Mursi (Morsi/Morsy) since he was deposed by the army on July 3 (2013), taken into detention and placed under investigation on charges, including MURDER“. Well, it’s NOT as if SCAF HASN’T “murdered” making this the latest/yet another example of “We think they made us mad; they think we made them mad and here we go” (Web-site/URL:

“Ashton revealed little about what she called a “FRIENDLY, OPEN and VERY FRANK (?)” two-hour conversation with the deposed president. An aide said they had “in-depth” talks”. OK, Morsy and Ashton may have had “very frank” and “in-depth discussions”, but “in-depth talks” and “very frank…conversations” are usually NOT “friendly (and) open”Instead, they are often BRUTAL.

Ashton, “who has emerged as one of the only figures accepted by both sides as mediator in a conflict that has found the United States cast as a MEDDLING hand“, continued: “I’ve TRIED to make sure that his family knows he is well“. There are TWO things to note here First, Ashton has COMPASSION. MORSY and COMPASSION DON’T seem to go together/seem like an ODD combination. In other words, Morsy DOESN’T  have ANY COMPASSION, but SCAF IS EVEN WORSE (Web-site/URL: Secondly, note that “the United States (is ) a MEDDLING hand”, reinforcing this notion/BELIEF that the United States IS NOT AT ALL popular in the Middle East right now (Web-site/URL:

“Flown to the meeting by military helicopter, Ashton said Mursi (Morsi/Morsy) had access to television and newspapers and was informed about the situation in the country”. “I saw where he was. I don’t know where he is, but I saw the facilities he has“.

“In a POSSIBLE (?) sign of progress, a spokesman for Ashton said EU envoy Bernadino Leon would travel to Cairo on Wednesday (July 31, 2013) to “continue the work”. There is A LOT of “work” to do before we can consider Egypt a stable country.

“Ashton stressed the need for an “inclusive” process to ending the confrontation, one that would necessarily include the Brotherhood. But Egypt’s army-installed interim government made clear Mursi (Morsi/Morsy) WOULD NOT be part of it”. Unfortunately, “inclusion” continues to be A CHALLENGE not just in Egypt, but THROUGHOUT THE WORLD.

Finally, “NO” interim Vice President MOHAMED ELBARADEI told a joint news conference with Ashton when asked whether Mursi could be part of a future process of NEGOTIATION and RECONCILIATION (?)” “negotiation and reconciliation” are, let’s face it, two skills that POLITICIANS ARE NOT good at. “Mr. Mursi (Morsi/Morsy) FAILED, but the Brotherhood VERY MUCH CONTINUE TO BE PART OF THE POLITICAL PROCESS and we would like them to continue to be part of the political process“. Again, IT‘S HARD TO DETERMINE WHICH SIDE ELBARADEI IS ON.

To conclude, let’s return once again to the title: “Egypt ALLOWS EU envoy to see deposed president”. Again just like in SYRIA, NORTH KOREA and many activities taken for granted in free countries/in the free world ARE NOT “allowed”.


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