The title of a recently released CNN article is “China’s Bo Xilai faces off with ex-police chief key to his downfall” (Web-site/URL:

“Facing his former deputy whose attempted defection to the United States sealed both men’s fate, FALLEN HIGH-FLYING politician Bo Xilai  continued his DEFIANT stance Saturday (August 24, 2013) as his increasingly dramatic trial stretched into a third day”. There are TWO things to note here“fallen high-flying politician” suggests that Bo Xilai is a “high-flier” NO MORE, but HE IS STILL “defiant”, AS EXPECTED  (Web-site/URL:

“The former Communist Party chief of the sprawling south-western metropolis of Chongqing denied abusing his power — the third and FINAL charge heard in court stemming from his actions after Wang Lijun, then the city’s police chief, told Bo that local police were investigating his wife Gu Kailai for murder” of NEIL HAYWOOD (Web-site/URL:

“In a transcript released by the Jinan Intermediate People’s Court in eastern China, where he is also being tried for BRIBE TAKING and EMBEZZLEMENT, Bo was quoted as saying”, “I have MADE MISTAKES” obviously. “I FEEL REGRET and I’M WILLING TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY“. REALLY? On top of this, “bribe taking and embezzlement” are SERIOUS charges. “BUT WHETHER OR NOT I’VE COMMITTED A CRIME IS A DIFFERENT ISSUE. I DIDN’T bend the law to PROTECT Gu Kailai”. This is the latest/yet another example of a “Difficult Person” being DEFENSIVE (Web-site/URL: “I didn’t FORCE Wang Lijun out or FORCE him to defect to the United States”This is the latest/yet another example of a “Difficult Person” being DEFENSIVE and using the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL:

“Taking the witness stand, Wang described an even more disturbing sequence of events in Bo’s office a day after he told his boss about the murder investigation in late January 2012″. “According to a court transcript”, Wang recalled: “He started VERBALLY ASSAULTING me… and about three minutes later, he walked around the left side of his desk and stood in front of me. He suddenly ATTACKED ME WITH HIS FIST, hitting on my left ear — it WAS NOT just a slap“. “verbally assaulting” and “attacked me with his fist” are yet more examples of the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL: “MY BODY SHOOK A LITTLE… and I found BLOOD at the corner of my mouth and DISCHARGE in my ear. I wiped the blood off with a tissue, but when he heard me calmly tell him again that he had to FACE THE REALITY, he THREW A GLASS ON THE GROUND  while sayingI’LL NEVER ACCEPT IT‘” obviously because POLITICIANS NEVER “accept reality” if the “reality” goes AGAINST them.

“When Bo was allowed to question the witness, Wang revealed in an exchange that Gu had told him about her intention to kill a day before the murder. And when Bo asked Wang:Did you think I was FORCING you out in an attempt to COVER UP (my wife’s murder) case?” Wang replied: “Yes“. So we have our latest/yet another example of the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL: a “cover up”.

Finally, On “Saturday morning (August 24, 2013), after admitting to an extramarital affair”, Bo said: “I HAVE FEELINGS FOR Gu Kailai” obviously. She is HIS WIFE after all.  “She is a VULNERABLE woman… and WHO ELSE COULD SHE TURN IN?” Only BO XILAIThat’s why all ACCUSATIONS against ME originated from HER. The combination of “accusations”, “me” and “her” makes this the latest/yet another example of BLAMING & CRITICIZING (Web-site/URL:

To conclude, Bo Xilai is our latest/yet another example of an ALPHA male


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