ANOTHER Government Shutdown? MSNBC

The title of a recently released MSNBC article is “NO CLEAR PATH in Congress to avoiding shutdown” (Web-site/URL: HERE WE GO AGAIN.

On Thursday (September 12, 2013), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said: “Shutting down the government, obviously, is what a majority of the Republican caucus wants to do in THE HOUSEOnce again we not only have Republicans vs Democrats but also SENATE vs HOUSE.

“That comment came after House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, admitted Thursday (September 12, 2013) that he wasn’t sure how the GOP would proceed after the Republican leadership shelved legislation to continue government spending after facing defections in their own ranks”. “There are a million options being discussed by a lot of people. When we have something to discuss, I’ll let you know”. Once againBoehner is CYNICAL.

“Reid said he warned Boehner this morning (September 12, 2013) in a meeting that “all these things they (Republicans) are trying to do with OBAMACARE (?) are just A WASTE OF THEIR TIMEagain obviously. AlsoREID is saying “Obamacare?” He should be A SUPPORTER OF the President.

“Democrats made all but clear on Thursday (September 12, 2013) that they view the prospect of a shutdown as a political winner for THEM“.

Finally, Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin finished off: “He’ll (i.e. BOEHNER will) PAY A PRICE FOR IT (shutting or TRYING TO shut the government down) and THE PRICE WILL COME IN THE ELECTIONSIs Durbin talking about BOEHNER or MEMBERS OF THE REPUBLICAN CAUCUS?

This is now the new normal for CongressWith one party in power, the minority party will try to shut the government down in order to make the government DYSFUNCTIONAL in order to claim/PROVE (?) that the majority party is INEFFECTIVE.


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