Chemical Weapons Deal A “Victory” For BASHAR AL-ASSAD: Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Syrian official: Chemical weapons deal a ‘VICTORY‘” (Web-site/URL:

“A high-ranking Syrian official called the U.S.-Russian agreement on securing Syria’s chemical weapons a “victory” for President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, but the U.S. warned Sunday (September 15 2013) “THE THREAT of force is real” if Damascus fails to carry out the plan”. However, this is ONLY “a threat” because Damascus WILL “(fail) to carry out the plan” and we’ve been seeing/reading/hearing about this “threat of force” for weeks now and NOTHING HAS HAPPENED YET.

“The comments by Syrian Minister of NATIONAL RECONCILIATION (?) Ali Haidar to a Russian STATE news agency were the first by a senior Syrian government official on the deal struck a day earlier (September 14, 2013) in GenevaUnder the agreementSyria WILL provide an inventory of its chemical arsenal within one week and hand over all of the components of its program by mid-2014″There are THREE things to note here. First does SYRIA want to “reconcile” with any other nations? THAT SEEMS TO BE INCONCEIVABLESecondly, notice “Under the agreement”. Again, it’s HIGHLY UNLIKELY that Syria will honor any part of this “agreement”. On top of this, “STATE media”, again, merely/only SPITS OUT GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA.

 “Haidar was quoted as saying by the RIA Novosti agency” as saying: “We AGREE WITH (?) these agreements“. AgainREALLY/SERIOUSLYOn the one handthey will help Syrians get out of the crisis and on the other hand, THEY AVERTED A WAR against Syria by REMOVING THE PRETEXT BY THOSE WHO WANTED TO UNLEASH ONE“. What’s interesting here is that we’re talking about THE UNITED STATES, BRITAIN and FRANCE AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL: However, there are also UNDEMOCRATIC countries who want Assad out of power (e.g. QATAR). “These agreements are a credit to Russian DIPLOMACY (?) and the Russian leadership (i.e. VLADIMIR PUTIN)”. “This is A VICTORY FOR Syria, achieved thanks to our Russian FRIENDS (?)” There are TWO things to note here. First, where is the “diplomacy?” Secondlydo POLITICIANS have ANY “friends?”

 “On Sunday (September 15, 2013) in Jerusalem, where he briefed Israeli leaders on the agreement”, Secretary of State John Kerry said: “THE THREAT OF FORCE IS REAL and the Assad regime and all those taking part need to understand that President Obama and the United States ARE COMMITTED TO ACHIEVING THIS GOAL“. “committed to achieving this goal” including THE USE OF FORCE? (Web-site/URL: Also/On top of thisnotice “Jerusalem”. Again, of course, as we know, the US partnership with ISRAEL is EXTREMELY PROBLEMATIC for many Mideast countries.

“He also said the agreement, IF successful, “will have set a marker for the standard of behavior with respect to Iran and with respect (to) North Korea and any (other) ROGUE state (or) group that tries to reach for these kind of weapons (of MASS DESTRUCTION)“. “rogue state”. WOWThis is not much different from former president GEORGE W. BUSH using the term “axis of evil” and “weapons of mass destruction”. Also, once again, “if” IS NOT a guarantee.

“French President Francois Hollande said in a televised address to his country that he has NOT ruled out the “military option,” either. Otherwise, he said, “THERE WILL BE NO PRESSUREOr there may be “pressure” on Assad, but when will or will this “pressure” ever lead to CAPITULATION?

“On its official website”, the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) said: “Chemical weapons attacks are part of a bigger scheme of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY committed by the Assad regime, including using the Syrian air forces and ballistic missiles on residential areasThe Syrian Coalition INSISTS that the prohibition of the use of chemical weapons, which killed more than 1,400 Syrian civilians, be extended to include the prohibition of the use of air forces and ballistic missiles on residential areas“. “insists”, again, must be via some form of the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL:

“Obama, speaking in a TV interview taped before Saturday’s (September 14, 2013) announcement of the chemical weapons deal, said Russian President Vladimir Putin is “PROTECTING” Assad and doesn’t share American “values” in Syria”.  “Obama told ABC‘s “This Week”, “He HAS A DIFFERENT ATTITUDE ABOUT the Assad regime” again obviously/AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL: The United States and Russia are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT societies. The United States is DEMOCRATIC while Russia is still predominantly AUTOCRATIC (although they may VIGOROUSLY dispute this notion). “But what I’ve also said to him directly is that WE BOTH have an interest in PREVENTING CHAOSWE BOTH have an interest in PREVENTING TERRORISMThe situation in Syria right now is untenable (infeasible/unsatisfactory)As long as Mr. Assad’s in power, there is going be some sort of CONFLICT there“, which Russia doesn’t mind as long as this “conflict” ONLY affects THE UNITED STATESAlsonotice the repetition of “we both”THIS IS NOT THE WAY PUTIN’S BRAIN WORKS.

“In Cairothe Arab League also supported the agreement”. 

“Arab League Secretary-General Nabil Elaraby released the following statement: “ALL PARTIES ARE CAPABLE AND INFLUENTIAL ENOUGH TO DO THEIR PART in the U.N. Security Council to ensure a comprehensive cease-fire in Syria … and to move TOWARD  NEGOTIATIONS (?) in Geneva to achieve a PEACEFUL (?) settlement to the Syrian crisis”The conflict in Syria HAS NOT been “peaceful” for more than 2 years now.

“Standing next to Kerry in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stressed his belief that the Geneva agreement would have deep repercussions for Iran, Syria’s close ally”. Iran should be to Syria what CHINA is to NORTH KOREA. “The world needs to ensure that RADICAL REGIMES DON’T have WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, because as we have learned in Syria, if ROGUE REGIMES have WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, THEY WILL USE THEM“. The FAULTY premise of “weapons of mass destruction” in IRAQ led to the second US invasion of that country between MARCH 19 2003 (Web-site/URL: and DECEMBER 18 2011 (Web-site/URL: “The determination the international community shows regarding Syria will have a direct impact on the Syrian regime’s PATRON, Iran”. Let’s clarify this pointThe IRANIAN regime is STRONG while ASSAD’s regime is FIGHTING FOR ITS POLITICAL LIFE.

“Germany offered Sunday (September 15, 2013) to help destroy Syrian chemical weapons. Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said Berlin is “prepared to make a TECHNICAL or FINANCIAL contribution to the destruction of chemical weapons from Syria”Again we have to wonder: WILL THIS MAKE A DIFFERENCE? “He didn’t elaborate, but officials say Germany has helped destroy chemical weapons in Libya and elsewhere in the past”.

“The Syrian opposition warned that the Assad regime may just be PLAYING FOR TIME and said THE THREAT OF FORCE MUST REMAIN ON THE TABLE“. Again, this implies that the rebels ARE NOT strong enough to defeat Assad on their own.  “It added that securing Syria’s chemical weapons “must be for achieving JUSTICE (?) and bringing the perpetrators of chemical weapons to the international court“. Again, we have to wonder: what is “justice?” Again, this is open to INTERPRETATIONS (Web-site/URL:

Finally, “The Syrian National Coalition  also repeated its calls for MILITARY AID, to “FORCE the regime to END its MILITARY campaign and accept a POLITICAL (?) solution that leads to the DEMOCRATIC (?) transformation of Syria”. Again this DOESN’T make any sense because the rebels are calling for “MILITARY aid” to end VIOLENCE, so they are essentially CALLING FOR violence to END violenceOn top of this, “a political solution” is clearly NOWHERE IN SIGHT and “the democratic transition of Syria” is still a LONG way away/off.

So, this is just the latest concoction of PROPAGANDA from the Assad regimewith help from RUSSIA.


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