The title of a recently released MSNBC article is “In government shutdown BRAWL, it’s GOP House vs. GOP Senate” (Web-site/URL: “brawl” is the first VIOLENT word.

“Whether the government shuts down likely depends on the outcome of A CIVIL WAR in the REPUBLICAN Party over health care, a TUSSLE on full display Wednesday (September 18 2013) as House Republicans openly fought with their GOP counterparts in the Senate”Again “civil wars” and “tussles” are VIOLENT.

“It’s left President Obama and Democrats in Congress to WATCH FROM THE SIDELINES AS IT ALL PLAYS OUT” which is often the case in POLITICS. 

“The GOP internecine brawl spilled into the open after Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, publicly admitted that the Senate can’t pass the government funding resolution that the House plans to vote on Friday (September 20, 2013) because it would strip funding for the president’s health care law — despite his public support for that approach”.

“In a statement”, Cruz said: “”[Senate Democratic Majority Leader] Harry Reid will no doubt try to STRIP the defund language from the continuing resolution and right nowhe likely HAS THE VOTES TO DO SO“. WOWCruz sounds EXASPERATED here.

“Cruz, who’s been a leading voice pushing to “Defund OBAMACARE,” tried to kick responsibility back to the lower chamber, which will have to vote again on whatever the Senate does pass”. “At that point, HOUSE Republicans MUST (?) stand firm, hold their ground and continue to LISTEN TO the American people”. When was the last time any POLITICIAN “(listened) to the American people” WITHOUT SPECIAL INTERESTS in mindNEVER.

“Reaction from House members was swift — and NASTY“. 

Rep. Sean Duffy, “a CONSERVATIVE sophomore Republican from Wisconsin”, tweeted: “House agrees to send #CR to Senate that defunds Obamacare. @SenTedCruz & @SenMikeLee REFUSE TO FIGHT. WAVE WHITE FLAG AND SURRENDER“. Duffy is clearly BLAMING & CRITICIZING Sen. TED CRUZ and Sen. MIKE LEE here (Web-site/URL: 

“Rep Tim Griffin, R-Ark., tweeted:So far, Sen Rs are good at getting FACEBOOK likes, and TOWN HALLS (town hall meetings), (and) not much else. DO SOMETHING…” We can say this about many POLITICIANSThey say A LOT but “do” little IF ANYTHING.

 “a senior GOP aide told NBC News after Cruz released his statement”: “(Sens) Cruz, Lee and Rubio are like THE KIDS IN HIGH SCHOOL who would YELL, FIGHT,FIGHT, FIGHTt, but HAVE NEVER THROWN A PUNCH THEIR ENTIRE LIVES“. This is the latest example of BLAMING & CRITICIZING (Web-site/URL:

Finally, Rep. Peter King finished off: I’m not surprised, but I’m NOT THAT IMPRESSED by those guys (CRUZ, LEE & RUBIO) anyway“.

We can make THREE conclusions here. This “brawl” is just another day at the office for POLITICIANS ON CAPITOL HILLAlso, this time it’s THE HOUSE vs. THE SENATE. It seems like THE HOUSE is/comes out on top here because we have THREE Representatives talking (SEAN DUFFY, TIM GRIFFIN & PETER KING) vs ONLY ONE senator (TED CRUZ). On top of this, NBC is using the term/saying “Obamacare” now?


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