BO XILAI: The FINAL Chapter? Reuters

he title of a recently released Reuters article is “China’s Xi STAMPS AUTHORITY on party with Bo verdict” (Web-site/URL:

“With ousted senior politician Bo Xilai jailed for life, Chinese President Xi Jinping has stamped his authority on the Communist Party by effectively warning (that) HE WILL NOT TOLERATE DISSENT as he seeks to push through tough economic reforms”. Again, “he will not tolerate dissent” is a fundamental characteristic of the Communist Party and is DEEPLY TROUBLING.

According to “a source WITH TIES TO the leadership“, “It’s (like) killing one to warn A HUNDREDThis is Communist Party philosophy: if one person is punishedEVERYONE will suffer the consequences.

According to Zhang Lifan, “a Beijing-based political commentator and historian”, “For other senior officials, I think this is INTIMIDATING because the plenum is coming up“. Again this is Communist Party philosophy: rule by INTIMIDATION.

According to Li Weidong, “a writer and FORMER editor who has followed Bo’s case closely”, “Ideologically speakingXi’s shift to the left has been QUITE DRAMATICBo has been kicked to the sidebut HIS POLICIES HAVE REMAINED“. This is the case for many POLITICIANSAlso notice “former editor”. Li must have been dismissed as an editor because he WROTE/PUBLISHED NEGATIVE OPINIONS OF COMMUNIST PARTY LEADERS.

“That is a path which may not be sustainable, Li added.

“It will create an effect of left-wing politics, but right-wing economics, which will become a problem long-term.”

“Still, Bo’s verdict is UNLIKELY to be a real deterrent to the RAMPANT corruption Xi has sought to tackle, despite the party and state media playing up the angle that all are equal before the law” again obviously.

Finally, according to Zhang Ming, “a professor at Renmin University in Beijing”, “This case had little to do with corruption. It’s a POLITICAL case” again obviously. EVERYTHING‘s “political” these days.

We can make TWO conclusions here. First, once again we have to wonder: is THIS the final chapter in the Bo Xilai saga. Secondly, once again, Chinese politicians are ALL ABOUT “(stamping their) authority” which is yet another/the latest example of the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL:


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