Fatal Shooting Of A HISPANIC Man By A WHITE Man Possibly A HATE CRIME: NBC Bay Area

The title of a recently released NBC Bay Area article is “Arrest in Fatal Shooting of SoCal Man on San Francisco Muni” (Web-site/URL: http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/SFPD-Arrest-Suspect-Fatal-Muni-Shooting-225340052.html?partner=nbcnews&).

“San Francisco police on Wednesday (September 25 2013) said they arrested a 30-year-old man after a Muni passenger from Southern California was killed in an attack they are calling “random” and “UNPROVOKED“. “unprovoked” is the FAR more troubling.

“In a statement, police said Nikhom Thephakaysone was arrested on Tuesday (September 24, 2013) outside his Oceanview District home in connection with the fatal shooting of 20-year-old Justin Valdez, of Garden Grove, a sophomore at San Francisco State University”.

“As news of the arrest circulated, those who knew Valdez were mourning for him. University president Les Wong issued a statement Wednesday (September 25, 2013)”: “THIS IS TRULY A TRAGEDY for Justin’s friends and family and for the entire university community. I have reached out to Justin’s family to OFFER OUR HEARTFELT CONCERN and to assure them that we stand ready to offer SUPPORT and ASSISTANCE at this difficult time“. Some people will say that this is not enough, but EMOTIONAL “support and assistance” are THE ONLY things that can be offered at the moment.  

“Valdez had attended Garden Grove High School and lived with his  uncle, his high school principal Steve Osborne said”. This is the latest/yet another example/case of the absence of the FATHER.

“Osborne recalled a “PASSIONATE and PERSISTENT ” student who was the  president of the school’s environmental club and a top competitor in the Garden Grove High aquatics program. While Valdez was a student, he would talk with Osborne frequently to see about changes to the school’s recycling program, the principal said. He also pushed tirelessly to establish a “Lights Out Wednesday”  program to cut the school’s carbon footprint, according to his former principal”. “passionate and persistent” suggest that Valdez was a ROLE MODEL.

Ben Diaz, a teammate of Valdez on San Francisco State’s water polo team, described his friend as one of the most UPBEAT person he has ever met”. “It’s BIZARRE, I DON’T KNOW HOW TO PUT IT INTO WORDSIT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE that something like this could happen to someone so GREAT“.

Finally, “Vigils will be held in Valdez’s honor at the high school’s pool deck on Friday (September 27, 2013) and Sunday (September 29, 2013) and there will be a “LIGHTS OUT for Justin Day” in  the coming days, Osborne said”. “It’s been DEVASTATING for teachers who knew himobviously

So, we have another killing that defies understanding. This was a killing of a BLACK man by a WHITE manThis should be regarded as A HATE CRIMEWe must advocate a message of/preach TOLERANCE and RESPECT FOR EVERYONE and NOT just/only talk to people of our own ethnicity/racial groups like many/certain CHINESE people in FREMONT & ROSEMEAD, CA doViolence in ANY form is deplorable, but especially violence fueled by RACIST IDEOLOGY.  


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