The title of a recently released CNN article is “Paul Oliver’s suicide is latest in A STRING (of suicides) among former NFL players” (Web-site/URL:

“Paul Oliver, a former defensive back for the University of Georgia and the San Diego Chargers, was found dead this week (September 24, 2013)apparently from a SELF-INFLICTED gunshot (wound)”. In other wordsPaul Oliver COMMITTED SUICIDE.

According to “a statement from the NFL team (Chargers)”, “Everyone in the Chargers family is SAD today (September 26 2013) after hearing the news about PaulHe was PART OF OUR FAMILY for five years. At just 29 years oldHE STILL HAD A LIFETIME IN FRONT OF HIM. Right now, all of our thoughts and prayers are with his family DURING THIS MOST DIFFICULT TIME” obviously.

“In a statement to the San Diego Union-Tribune“, Oliver’s family said: “We APPRECIATE all the thoughts and prayers“. GENUINE “appreciation” seems to be in EXTREMELY short supply these days. “We request privacy in the wake of this TRAGIC LOSS“.

“Mark Richt, coach of the University of Georgia Bulldogs, called it “a VERY SAD day. I just want to say it’s been ROUGH“, EXTREMELY “rough”. “I just want to tell everybody in his family that WE’RE THINKING ABOUT THEM and WE LOVE THEM.WE’LL DO WHATEVER WE CAN TO HELP“. This is coming from the coach of a university that Oliver LEFT because he was ACADEMICALLY INELIGIBLEHe “scored well on the Wonderlic Test, was seen as a player who LACKED THE MOTIVATION to succeed in school rather than not having the aptitude or intelligence” (Web-site/URL: “lacks the motivation” is NOT good so Oliver clearly DID NOT leave the University of Georgia on the best of terms. We need to mention something very important here. Just because someone didn’t leave a place on the best of terms, we DON’T go after them after a tragedy. This is something that people in countries such as CHINA must learn.

 Finally, “in a letter to personnel and fans at the time”, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wrote: “THERE IS NO HIGHER PRIORITY  (?) for the National Football League than the health and wellness of our players“, REALLY? Well, they need to do A LOT more then.

Oliver had 144 tackles, 4 interceptions and 11 passes defensed during a 5-year NFL career between 2007 and 2011 (Web-site/URL: illustrates the DANGER of competitionAs competition SOARS to new heights, some people are simply UNABLE TO COPEOliver was one of those players. HE HAD BEEN OUT OF A JOB FOR TWO YEARS (last played in 2011). People have BILLS TO PAY and FAMILIES TO TAKE CARE OF (Oliver was married with TWO kids)THE COMBINATION OF EXTREME COMPETITION AND A FINANCIAL BURDEN turned out to be too much for him.


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