The title of a recently released Fox News article is “Budget stalemate threatens bona fide shutdown for DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA” (Web-site/URL:

On Tuesday (October 1 2013) D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, “a Democrat and the District’s non-voting House member”, said: “Don’t dare reduce us to A THING”. WASHINGTON DC is certainly NOT “a thing”. It is MUCH MORE than thatIt is a city of hard-working people who deserve DIGNITY. “I lived through the shutdown of D.C. once”. Many of us did although many of us were much younger during the shutdown of 1995-’96 (Web-site/URL: 

“Norton’s comments were part of an emotional plea to get Congress to pass the D.C.-specific bill to keep the city running”. “On the verge of tears”, Holmes-Norton said: “Don’t let them (organizations in Washington DC) close down. I have BEGGED and PLEADED“. Is this TRULY how Holmes-Norton feels?

Finally, “California Republican Rep. Darrell IssaWHO HAS FORGED A UNIQUE RELATIONSHIP WITH the Democratic mayor (Vincent C Gray) and is trying to give the District more spending autonomy — is among the House lawmakers pushing hardest for the special funding bill”. “Speaking Tuesday (October 1, 2013) on the House floor”, Issa said: “Every one of us who knows that back home our states and our cities continue operating with their own funds (also) knows that we here (in Congress) HAVE AN OBLIGATION (?) to allow the District of Columbia to spend their own funds”. So, we have a REPUBLICAN/GOP HOUSE member IN FAVOR OF “spending autonomy”. That’s a first. Also, isn’t it ironic that Issa can “forge a relationship with” a Democratic mayorBUT NOT WITH HIS DEMOCRATIC HOUSE & SENATE COLLEAGUES?  

SoTHE ENTIRE CITY of Washington DC could COLLAPSE because of the dysfunction on Capitol Hill. THE ONLY news organization who could possibly be happy about this is FOX NEWS because, againFox News is REPUBLICAN/GOP-leaning/biased.


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