EGYPT: 28 Killed In Latest Violence (Reuters)

The title of a recently recently released Reuters article is “At least 28 KILLED in protests across Egypt” (Web-site/URL:

“At least 28 people were KILLED and more than 90 WOUNDED in clashes during protests in Egypt on Sunday (October 6, 2013), security sources and state media said, as the crisis since the army seized power three months ago (June, 2013) SHOWED NO SIGNS OF ABATING“.

“Fighting began after supporters and opponents of deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood took to the streets in several cities”.

“At Ibn Sina hospital in the Mohandiseen district of Cairo, a Reuters reporter saw eight bodies shrouded in blue and white sheets among POOLS OF BLOOD“, GRUESOME sight/image.

According to Sabah el-Sayed, mother of Rami Imam, 29, “stroking his leg”, “The interior ministry and the army KILLED MY SON“. Actually, el-Sayed was SCREAMING

“Protesters chanted “The coup is TERRORISM” and “Sisi is A KILLER“, referring to army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi”Many Egyptians still HATE the army (SCAF).

Finally, “The Brotherhood’s political wing, the FREEDOM and JUSTICE (?) Party, said it held Sisi and the Interior Ministry responsible for Sunday’s (October 6 2013) deaths”. Does the Muslim Brotherhood TRULY represent “freedom and justice?” “In a statement”, the Brotherhood said: “We call on all human rights organizations to condemn the crimes committed today (October 6, 2013). We call for an international investigation into the crimes of today (October 6, 2013).



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