The title of a recently released BBC article is “US Senate leaders upbeat on debt deal” (Web-site/URL:

IS THIS “upbeat” attitude REALISTIC? “US Senate leaders have expressed optimism after a flurry of negotiations on raising the federal debt ceiling to avert a POTENTIALLY (?) DISASTROUS default“. There are TWO things to note right off the bat. First, notice “a flurry of negotiations”. Well, POLITICIANS ALWAYS do things AT THE LAST MINUTE. On top of this, a US “default” wouldn’t just be “potentially disastrous”. IT WILL DEFINITELY BE “disastrous”. The probability of a “default” being “disastrous” is 100% and we certainly CAN’T say THAT about many things

“They were also nearing a deal to end a partial government shutdown, now in its third week, congressional sources said”.

“A budget bill would also need to pass the House of Representatives, where A FACTION of conservative Republicans brought on the deadlock two weeks ago (October 1 2013)”Again of course as we know THIS WILL BE A TALL ORDER because the “faction of conservative Republicans” is THE TEA PARTY whose members are full of ANTICS. In fact SARAH PALIN made her first appearance since painting guns over former Congresswoman GABBY GIFFORDS’ district in 2010.   In fact, she said “Don’t retreat, reload” (Web-site/URL: we have to wonder IF Palin should be held at least partially responsible for the shooting that almost killed Giffords.

“As he toured a soup kitchen for the poor in Washington DC on Monday (October 14, 2013), President Barack Obama warned that “defaulting would have a POTENTIALLY (?) devastating effect on our economy“. This won’t just be “potentially devastating”. This will DEFINITELY BE “devastating” and we will have MANY MORE people entering “soup kitchens for the poor” because layoffs will surely SKYROCKET and people won’t only claim to be poor; they REALLY WILL BE poor because a default will surely cost HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS of JOBS.

“Democratic Senator Mark Pryor told CNN he was “PRETTY confident” (that) an agreement would be announced on Tuesday afternoon (October 15 2013), but said some Republicansalmost WANT a shutdownThey almost want to see us BREAK THE DEBT CEILING“, obviously because the GOP want to demonstrate that the government is INEFFECTIVEahead of the 2014 SENATE and  2016 PRESIDENTIAL/WHITE HOUSE ELECTIONS given that they already control the House.

“Republican Senator Richard Shelby, (speaking to The Associated Press), called the proposed short-term agreement a TEMPORARY FIX. It’s punting because NO ONE, Democrats, (nor) Republicans, want to face up… to the tough REALITY that we’re in“. Well, if neither “Democrats (nor) Republicans want to face up to…reality”, then THE TEA PARTY will. It seems like we’re heading for another DISASTER 

EVEN IF a deal is reached in the Senate, IT IS UNCLEAR WHETHER Congress could act in time to pass legislation that would avert the 17 October (2013) default deadline”. THIS IS THE COLD HARD TRUTH.

HARDLINE conservatives such as Texas Republican Ted Cruz could use Senate rules to stonewall a vote” and HE IS EXPECTED TO DO SO (Web-site/URL: We’re also reminded of how PROBLEMATIC “hardline” people because these people are often RIGID/DOGMATIC/INFLEXIBLE.

“In the House of Representatives, a deal could meet fierce resistance from the Tea Party-aligned Republicans” again AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL: The Tea Party is always TROUBLE.

“One of those conservative hardliners, Kansas Representative Tim Huelskamp, was quoted by the New York Times as labelling his upper chamber colleagues “the Senate SURRENDER caucus“. Huelskamp considers HIMSELF to be ALWAYS RIGHT/JUSTIFIED,  “Anybody who would vote for that [Senate deal] in the House as Republican would virtually guarantee a PRIMARY challenger“, like RICHARD LUGAR the most recent Republican to be defeated by a Tea Partier in a primary (Web-site/URL: This is the latest THREAT.

Finally, let’s note a statistic. “A Washington Post/ABC News survey on Monday (October 14 2013) found 74% of voters were unhappy with Congressional Republicans’ handling of the standoff, compared with a 53% disapproval rating for President Obama”. Much of this 74% DISAPPROVAL rating must be directed at THE TEA PARTY and SARAH PALIN, who created another chapter of ANTICS (Web-site/URL:

To conclude, let’s return once again to the title: “US Senate leaders UPBEAT on debt deal”. Should they be? Well, this is anyone’s guess, but again, TIME IS RAPIDLY RUNNING OUT.


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