Candlelight Vigil For COLLEEN RITZER: CBS

The title of a recently released CBS News article is “Colleen Ritzer Murder: Candlelight vigil held in honor of Mass. teacher
allegedly killed by 14-year-old student” (Web-site/URL:

“Residents of Danvers, Mass. held a candlelight vigil Wednesday night (October 23 2013) in honor of Colleen Ritzer, a 24-year-old math teacher at Danvers High School by her student Philip Chism Tuesday (October 22 2013)”.

“Ritzer’s body was found IN THE WOODS behind the school where she taught. Prosecutors say Chism killed Ritzer, but they haven’t said how or given a motive”. This “motive” is DEEPLY TROUBLING, WHATEVER IT MAY HAVE BEEN.

“Multiple reports have surfaced over night that Chism allegedly used A BOX CUTTER to kill the teacher”. Of course “box cutters” were used during the attacks on 9/11/2001 so this is DEEPLY TROUBLING. “Some reports also say that the teen went to the movies after the killing” in a LAME attempt to APPEAR innocent.

“Students of Danvers High School have praised Ritzer, who was in her second year of teaching at the school, saying she clearly LOVED HER JOB and WANTED THEM TO SUCCEED“, an EXCEEDINGLY RARE combination, especially for a TEACHER. Many teachers, especially in public schools COMPLAIN about various things, especially LOW SALARIES.

“Brenna Ambrose told CBS Boston at the vigil Wednesday evening (October 23 2013)”, “She was just very PASSIONATE and very ACTIVE. She never COMPLAINED. She never YELLED AT US. She was a GREAT teacher“, certainly NOT someone who deserved a BRUTAL ending such as getting killed with A BOX CUTTER.

“According to the station (CBS Boston), a group of former students of Ritzer have started a donation fund called “RIBBONS for Ritzer”.

According to former Danvers High student Kaitlyn Nash”, “We just spent like a couple of hours making these little pink ribbons because pink was her favorite“.

“Ritzer lived at home with her 20-year-old brother and her sister, a HIGH SCHOOL senior”. Perhaps both her parents DIED?

“Her family said they are mourning the death of their “AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL daughter and sister“.

“In a statement provided by her uncle Dale Webster”, the family said: “Everyone that knew and loved Colleen knew of her PASSION FOR TEACHING and how she MENTORED each and every one of her students“.

Finally, “A freshman student who was in Ritzer’s class with Chism told Crimesider that as far as she knows, there was nothing unusual about the relationship between the teacher and student”. More specifically, “the girl, who wanted to remain anonymous”, said: “He was always QUIET. …He NEVER TALKED TO ANYONE“. “quiet” and “never talked to anyone” could be a sign of TROUBLE because this reminds us of VIRGINIA TECH murderer SEUNG HUI-CHOwho also “never talked to anyone”, but WROTE A SLEW OF VIOLENT PLAYS THAT REVEALED HIS DARK SIDE.

To conclude, let’s focus on the fact that Colleen Ritzer was only 24 and her favorite color was PINKThis reminds us of/is eerily similar to the death VICTORIA SOTO who was killed during the SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL MASSACRE on DECEMBER 14, 2012 (Web-site/URL: Soto was 27. This means that we’ve lost TWO great young teachers in LESS THAN A YEAR. So for the SECOND time in less than a year, WE’RE STRUGGLING TO FIND ANSWERS as to WHY anyone would do anything as COWARDLY as this 


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