The title of a recently released CNN article is “Sources: Teen FOLLOWED Danvers teacher into bathroom, (and) killed her with (a) box cutter” (Web-site/URL:

“How was Danvers High math teacher Colleen Ritzer killed? With a box cutter the suspect, 14-year-old Philip Chism, had brought into school, a source close to the investigation says”. Were there any METAL DETECTORS? If there were, these FAILED.

According to Danvers High student Chris Weimert, “”It’s just SURREAL how QUICKLY someone can go and how much we TAKE FOR GRANTED every day. (Ritzer was) THE NICEST teacher you could ever have. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT“. We “take” MANY THINGS “for granted”. On top of this unfortunately BAD things happen to “nice people”.

“Students and colleagues described the 24-year-old Ritzer as someone who gave everything for her students — be it a pat on the back, a sensible explanation to a tricky concept, or the time, effort and heart to work through problems, math or OTHERWISE, with them“. This sounds like someone who was more of a BIG SISTER to the students than a teacher. Ritzer was 24 and high school students are usually between the ages of 14 and 18/19Ritzer cared about students’ OTHER “problems”, not just math. Most educators care about their subject/area of expertise and that’s it.

“One of those students was Chism, a freshman”So Chism was around 14 or 15.

“He’d been DOODLING and LISTENING TO MUSIC during his Algebra I class in the school’s final period, classmate Cambria Cloutier told CNN”. Creating such drawings was unusual for Chism, who Cloutier recalled rarely participated in class discussions but was “a REALLY GOOD student” who WASN’T FOCUSED because Chism was “doodling and listening to music” INSTEAD OF ACTIVELY ENGAGING/PARTICIPATING IN his math class.

“Chism is a QUIET young man, those who know him said. He excelled at soccer and made a HARMLESS (?) impression“. Philip Chism CAN NO LONGER be described as “quiet” and “harmless”Well he may have been “quiet”, but now “quiet” must be paired with SINISTER INTENT.

According to Ariana Edwards, “who was in Chism’s English class”, “”He … SEEMED quiet and reserved, but he just seemed NORMAL“. Unfortunately this WAS NOT the case and we found this out in HORRIFYING fashion. In other words, SOMEONE HAD TO GET KILLED for us to realize Philip Chism’s dark side.

According to Jen Berger, Ritzer’s best friend, “She was talking on Saturday (October 19, 2913) about this year (2013) WAS a good year. She WAS teaching freshmen for the first time. She WAS happy“. “was” describes the PAST tense.  “I don’t even know what the world is like without her. It’s a SCARY thought“.

“Ritzer, a 2011 graduate of Assumption College who was working towards a master’s degree at Salem State University, seemed to always wear a wide smile and was approachable to students and colleagues alike, said Charlotte Dzerkacz, who became good friends with Ritzer in 2011 when they taught at the same middle school”. “”She was ENERGETIC (and) she was COMPASSIONATE“, in other words EMPATHETIC (Web-site/URL: Of course as we know “empathy” is in EXTREMELY short supply these days with most POLITICIANS and even many ordinary people employing the MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY approach. “YOU COULDN’T ASK FOR ANYTHING MORE from a teacher or a friend“. Saying that someone can’t do any better than they’re doing now is EXTREMELY RARE.

“Salem State issued a statement LAMENTING Ritzer’s death”. “She believed children have MUCH to offer and often DO NOT realize how SPECIAL they are as individualsIn her application to Salem State, she said she was dedicated tohelping students in times of need‘”. Again 24 is WAY TOO EARLY for someone to leave the worldbut IF this MUST happen/occur, this would be the legacy that teachers would want to leave.

Finally, “Ritzer was known to take to Twitter to dole out homework assignments and WISDOM to her students”. in August (2013), Ritzer tweeted: “No matter what happens in life, BE GOOD TO PEOPLEBeing good to people is a wonderful legacy to LEAVE BEHIND“. Again, 24 is FAR TOO EARLY to talk about a “legacy” or “leaving” this world.

To concludeColleen Ritzer was killed using a BOX CUTTERAgainthis is DEEPLY disturbing because “box cutters” were used during THE 9/11 TERROR ATTACKS.


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