The title of a recently released MSNBC article is “GOP infighting could boost Landrieu in Louisiana” (Web-site/URL:

Of the races, CONSERVATIVE GOP groups have waded into so far, it’s not their crusade against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell that has many national Republicans worried – it’s endorsements in the Louisiana Senate race”, even though McConnell could also lose his seat to a TEA PARTY challenger and that’s an issue in and of itself. 

“The Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF) backed retired U.S. Air Force Col. Rob Maness (MADNESS?) this week over ESTABLISHMENT favorite, Rep. Bill Cassidy. Both are trying to unseat Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu – a vulnerable incumbent sitting in a red (GOP) state where President Obama only got 40% last year (2012)”. So it would be reasonable to assume that Maness is a member of the TEA PARTY with Cassidy being associated with “establishment” Republicans. Interestingly enough Cassidy came to power in 2008 the year that DEMOCRATS PADDED their majorities in both the House and the Senate ON OBAMA’S HEELS (Web-site/URL: On top of this if he were to win Cassidy would be the latest senator who was a former member of the House

 According to GOP strategist Brian Walsh, “who served as communications director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee the past two cycles, where several weak candidates emerged from primaries to LOSE WINNABLE seats“, “This is a CRITICAL seat for Republican HOPES to win back the Senate and it’s STUNNING that the Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF) is working to keep it in Harry Reid’s hands”, our first example of BLAMING & CRITICIZING (Web-site/URL: “[Landrieu] is sitting on a sizeable warchest. This is NOT Texas’ last cycle (2012) and it’s NOT Mississippi this cycle (2014). This is a VERY CRITICAL seat and IT’S REMARKABLE that this is where they’re (SCF is) looking to make their fight”  On top of this notice that Walsh was communications director for the Senate GOP where WINNABLE seats were LOSTThis is an indication that Walsh WON’T be communications director for the NRSC much longer.

 “Another GOP strategist FRETTED” “This would be the BIGGEST gift to Landrieu that anyone could give“, “fearing that SCF would weigh in to heavily attack Cassidy”. “It would ENSURE her re-election”. There are THREE things to note here. First, “fretting” is a sign of CONCERN/being DEFENSIVE  On top of thisPOLITICIANS DON’T need any more “gifts” and “ensuring (Landrieu’s) re-election” is the last thing that the GOP needs to read/know/hear right now.

“In a fundraising email this week, SCF warned voters to “BEWARE OF Bill Cassidy”, implying that Cassidy is A THREAT.

“SCF Executive Director Matt Hoskins wrote in the e-mail” “Bill Cassidy has RIGHTLY been CRITICIZED for his Obamacare HYPOCRISY. Not only did Cassidy propose an Obamacare-like plan in the state legislature, he’s also tried to TAKE CREDIT FOR federal grants awarded through the Obamacare program“. In other words, Bill Cassidy “has…tried to take credit for” something NEGATIVE…at least for the GOP. “All of this is making it HARDER for him to CONTRAST himself withTo make things even worse, Cassidy PREVIOUSLY DONATED MONEY TO Mary Landrieu’s campaign. How does he EXPECT voters to support him over Senator Landrieu when he previously supported HER campaign?” This would be an UNREASONABLE EXPECTATION (Web-site/URL:


“Cassidy has seemed to be working to shore up his right flank in the wake of the challenge and his vote against the compromise to reopen the government after the 16-day shutdown and raise the debt ceiling was one of the more surprising votes last month (October, 2013)”.


“But Hoskins said that vote was TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE and defended the group’s involvement in the race”. “too little too late” can describe MANY POLITICIANS.


“Bill Cassidy is NOT entitled to be the Republican who faces Mary LandrieuWe have elections so voters can choose who represents them and we’re confident they will pick Colonel Rob Maness in this race if they’re able to get to know him“. Ignoring the candidates here, we must TAKE THE TIME “to get to know” people before we JUDGE them. “That’s why we’re locking arms with the grassroots to help him raise the money he needs to GET HIS MESSAGE OUT” which of course is important because good communication by itself may or may not lead to success but POOR communication OFTEN leads to FAILURE.

Finally, according to NON-PARTISAN (?) Louisiana pollster Bernie Pinsonat. “The world has changed in Louisiana–[Landrieu] is going to REALLY HAVE TO RUN A GREAT CAMPAIGN and have the Republicans or Cassidy (the GOP ESTABLISHMENT candidate) HELP HER OUT A LOT to win. There’s just NOTHING going TOWARD Democrats in any sense of the worldin Louisiana or NATION-WIDE? “There are TWO things that can re-elect Mary Landrieu a bad campaign by Cassidy, or the Republicans do what they’re certainly capable of doing, which is RE-ELECTING her”, by SQUABBLING AMONGST THEMSELVESOn top of this, let’s note that NO ONE is TRULY “non-partisan” or BI-PARTISANbecause everyone has PREFERENCES/BIASES.

To conclude, this is the latest example of someone (LANDRIEU in this case) winning not because they won, but instead because SOMEONE ELSE LOST.

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